“Humans should spend their lives trying to attain Heaven!” Enrico Pucci (Enrico Pucci, エンリコ・プッチ)


Whitesnake is the first Stand that Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean acquires, while on the path to obtaining "heaven".

As a medium-ranged Stand, Whitesnake possesses two ranged moves. Despite this, it displays strength similar to that of close-range Stands and is capable of performing precise and deadly movements. One of Whitesnake's main abilities is that it can produce an acid that slowly digests objects like stomach acid. Whitesnake's primary ability also allows its user to manipulate spirits through the use of special DISCS.

This Stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 4% chance (A- Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow. As for its evolution, Whitesnake can be turned into C-Moon by using DIO's Diary on the stand.


Whitesnake is sparsely clothed in black and white, with a mask covering its face to the bottom of where its nose would be, in a piece that rises above its head by half its height in a row of peaks, resembling a crown. 

Its light skin is marked by horizontal stripes of roughly an inch's height, with grey and white stripe surrounding its, legs and arms.

Its main colors are white and black, with hints of yellow on its accessories, such as its spikes. These spikes can be found on its neck, boots, thighs, and chest.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Acid Barrage
Whitesnake assaults the enemy and unleashes a relatively slow punch barrage of 40 punches, dealing moderate damage and obscuring the target's vision.
Moderate Strength
3.5 damage per punch
6 seconds
Acid Strike
Whitesnake performs a strong and fast punch, dealing incredible damage and obscuring the target's vision.

Note: If you use F on the player and use R, the ability of F will be disabled.

Incredible Strength
50 damage
9 seconds
Glock Shot
Whitesnake pulls out a pistol and fires it in front of you, dealing moderate damage with a relatively low cooldown. The shot can pierce through walls and a maximum of 2 players.
Moderate Damage
20 damage
3 seconds
Acid Spit
Whitesnake charges its head, then it shoots out acid of its mouth. It deals good damage. However, this attack has the capability to hit the target multiple times, being able to do godly amounts of damage. This move can penetrate through Gold Experience Requiem's Return to Zero. This used to be extremely powerful.
Incredible Damage
65 damage
15 seconds
Stand Disc Steal
Whitesnake swipes at a target. If it hits, a disc with black borders, a blue interior, and the word DISC engraved in it in white will appear. This move disables all of the target's stand's abilities, also makes the target unable to roll for approximately 15 seconds. It can also penetrate Gold Experience Requiem's return to zero, King Crimson/Doppio's future sight, and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap's Love Train. Using this move the user will say "Disuku (ディスク)."

Note: This move doesn't work on DIO, Dio Brando, but it will work for Over Heaven Stands, Gold Experience Requiem, and Tusk.

Incredible Damage 45 damage
50 seconds

Evolved Forms:

(LMB + DIO's Diary) - C-Moon

The player pulls out DIO's Diary and holds it up to the air. After a short time, Whitesnake will transform, granting the player Pucci's second Stand: C-Moon.


  • R + T/Y Easy
  • LMB + R Easy
  • F+E+R+Y Easy
  • R + T + C + E Medium
  • R + C + F Medium
  • E(not long) + SPACEBAR + C (Jump+Roll behind your enemy) + R + T/Y Hard

Pros and Cons:


  • Good Health.
  • Good damage output.
  • Stand Disc Steal works on all Stands and Specs.
  • LMB, E and R slow down opponent walk speed.
  • Has one of the best blocks in the game, making it really tanky.
  • Great ranged moves, one of them being spammable and the other one dealing high damage.
  • Relatively low cooldowns except for F.


  • Stand Disc Steal has a high cooldown, so use it wisely.
  • Getting ragdolled will cancel the effects of Stand Disc Steal.
  • Limited moveset.
  • Mediocre mobility, only having a regular Roll an a regular Stand Jump.
  • Most attacks are somewhat predictable and avoidable.
  • Disc can be terrible on high-speed stands/specs since they can easily outrun you without their rolling


  • This stand's name is a reference to the hard rock band "Whitesnake " and the Whitesnake album , made by the same band.
  • Whitesnake now has two voice lines, which are “It's mine!" and “Your disc belongs to me!” The "It's mine!" line comes from Whitesnake itself instead of the stand user, similar to how Gold Experience Requiem's "What you are witnessing is indeed the truth." line and Purple Haze's ". . ." line.
  • Some of the sound effects on Whitesnake comes from the game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future.
  • Unlike most other stands with a gun ability, the user of Whitesnake cannot use the gun while the stand isn't out since Whitesnake is the one firing the gun, not the user itself.
  • This is a reference to the English 80's hair-metal band Whitesnake.
  • In a sneak-peak on the ABD discord server, it was announced that Whitesnake Stand Disc ability would've gotten an update that let it steal other player's stands, just like in Project Jojo. (this ability was scrapped in the Whitesnake rework).
  • Disc does not work on NPCs.
  • Whitesnake has another evolution after C-Moon, just use another diary and you'll obtain Made in Heaven.
  • This stand was included in the Easter Event as Deviled Snake.
  • It is shown from the A Bizarre Day Roadmap, that Whitesnake will get a rework sometime in the future.
  • On 7/17/2020, Whitesnake got a remodel.
  • While posing with Whitesnake, a fan-made theme for Pucci in Stone Ocean will play.
  • Whitesnake's R move does more damage than almost every other stand's R move.
  • The F move, Stand Disc Steal, will work on Funny Valentine.



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