The Waterfall Room is a secret area localized close to the Soccer Field and the tunnel. In between these two locations, there is a waterfall. When a player walks through it, they will find the secret room.

This secret room has three miniatures, being them Pot Platinum, TheGuestToBlame, and Tom Alternate Universe standing next to a disc.


  • This secret location was added in the update v2.0.5.
  • The disk can be clicked on, once clicked, it floats up, and it says "Disk Obtained.". If you go to Tim's Radio and click the radio, it will say "Disk Dropped." and play something that sounds like steps, they are loud, so you can infer that the steps are from something really big. (This feature has now been removed. The disc is still there, but it cannot be clicked.)
  • Previously, there was a red button to the left of the disk that, when clicked, would activate a cutscene where the camera pans to the Sewers and zooms in on the grate, where the vampiric eyes inside squint. The button has since been covered up by a rock.


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