"Water... the birthplace of all life. Now conveniently in a plastic bottle." A wise but thirsty man (Kashikoiga nodo ga kawaita otoko, 賢いがのどが渇いた男)


The Water item is a bottle that contains water, which has the power to regenerate health. This item, however, used to be unobtainable. It is now obtainable by defeating Dio Brando or the Vampiric Minion NPCs in the Sewers. If you use Water, you will instantly regain 40HP.

It has a distinctive blue hue to it, surrounding its overall bottle design, with the cap being darker blue.


  • Once used, it can heal 40HP.
  • It can be dropped by Vampiric Minions.
  • It can be stored in the Bank.


  • This item was more of a "cool people only" when it was only obtainable through admins giving it to you.
  • This item is currently easy to obtain and can now heal the player.
  • The best way to get water is to defeat a Vampiric Minion which has 400 health, but it is kind of easy to defeat.
  • Rumors says that this item will also evolve a stand in the future.
  • The water bottle was made to be a test item for the game's shop system while it was in development.
  • The price of the water bottle was a single lire.
  • The water bottle itself was previously useless, until v1.9.9c. This update added hostile NPCs to the sewers, with one of them being Vampiric Minions. These have a 75% chance of dropping water.
  • This will not be kept when dying with it not being held.
  • While hovering your cursor on it, it will say "stay hydrate".
  • If you are bored you can hold this item and press backspace this will eject the item, you can try and do a bottle flip




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