"To me, only the strong are real! Victory alone is just and admirable..." - Wamuu (Wamū, ワムウ)


Wamuu is one of the many Special Abilites added in A Bizarre Day that was featured as a main antagonist in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency.

For Wamuu, it is a spec that has many high damage and knockback dealing moves. Adding the fact that the spec also has very high mobility, this spec can be highly dangerous and powerful when its moves are used at the correct timing.

To obtain this spec, the user must use a Vampire Mask on the Vampire spec, in which they have a 2/18 chance (11.11%) of obtaining Wamuu.


Just like most Specs, Wamuu does not have a physical appearance, only having visual effects when the user uses their abilities.

However, when Wind Mode (Q) is activated, a spiral horn will generate on the player’s forehead. While active, the player will see a red-colored outline of every opponent it senses.

Due to the fact that most of Wamuu's moves are wind or speed related, wind storm effects can be seen when the user spins, dashes, or jumps. As for the spec's "Wedding Ring of Death" ability, when hit, an effect of a brown colored gear can be seen inserted into said opponent's neck.


Type Name Description
Passive A
The user cannot be ragdolled.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Wind Mode
This move will make it appear a relatively large drill-like horn on your forehead and sense every player, their location being marked with a red border. You are slowed down while using this move.
No Damage
No Cooldown
Divine Sand Storm
Wamuu's signature technique. The move is initiated when the Wamuu user starts to spin their arms rapidly. The rapid spinning creates a massive wind storm that will cause damage and fling the player if it makes near contact with it.
Good Damage
20 to 29 damage
15 seconds
Powerful Punch
The player strikes the target with a moderately powerful punch that deals good knockback.
Great Damage
39 damage
12 seconds
Wind Drill
The Wamuu user will spin rapidly creating a massive wind storm surrounding them making them go fast for a short time. This move is also an offensive move, doing damage when making contact with a player. This is very similar to One More Time's Z move.
Great Damage
30 damage
10 seconds
Wind Suit
Wamuu will become invisible, which gives the opportunity to launch surprise attacks. However, the wind suit only lasts for roughly ten seconds. All moves are disabled during Wind Suit, except for Z, V, G, and R. You can still take damage while in the Wind Suit.
No Damage
25 seconds
Wedding Ring of Death
The Wamuu user launches themselves forward, inserting a Wedding Ring of Death into whoever is hit. When inserted, the victim will have 60 seconds to live until the ring's poison kills them. However, if the victim manages to kill the Wamuu user who inserted the ring, the ring effect will be nullified. This move puts a 60 second counter over anyone who is under the effects of the ring.
Godly Damage
100+ damage
40 seconds
Wind Dashes
Similar to a stand jump, the player kicks off the ground 3 times with great force, going a good distance ahead of them. You can also combo it with Z, to get a lot of distance.
No Damage
20 seconds
High Jump
The player jumps a great distance upwards, but only a little bit forwards.
No Damage
18 seconds
Aerial Wind Drill
After using High Jump, the Wamuu user will spin rapidly creating a massive wind storm surrounding them and fall diagonally. You can also strike enemies with this move.
Superior Damage
60 Damage
18 seconds

Battle Strategies:


  • R+T (Easy)
  • V+Z (Hold) (Hard)
  • E (Hold)+R (Medium)
  • Z (Hold)+T+R (Medium)
  • F+G (Medium)

Pros and Cons:


  • High durability.
  • Devastating damage output.
  • G can kill any player in the game.
  • Good mobility.
  • T has an amazing damage output and short cooldown which makes it spammable.
  • High knockback for E and R.


  • Wind Mode slows you down. (but you can use E to bring your walk speed back to normal).
  • High Cooldowns.
  • F move leaves a trail, making it visible and punishable.
  • Z Hold is hard to land.
  • E knocks back the enemy making the complete damage hard to finish.


  • Wamuu got added in the game in 9/6/2020 (MM/DD/YYYY), in version 3.0.2h.
  • Wamuu is the third Pillar Man to get added to the game. The first was Kars and the second was Santana.
  • Wamuu's G move can technically kill any entity in the game, even Menacing Dummies.
  • In Wind Mode, Wamuu can see people in Time Erasure.
  • Wamuu does not have any pose music nor quotes.
  • Wamuu couldn't climb ladders on release, but this was fixed on version 3.0.2.i.
  • Wamuu's Wedding Ring of Death used to instant-kill bosses, but that feature was removed, now it takes 15% of their HP. (This does not apply to Dio Brando).



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