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"You told me there were 2 paths, but sadly, you only have one." - Giorno Giovanna (Joruno Jobāna, ジョルノジョヴァンナの7ページムダ)


Volcanic Gold Experience was a shiny variant of Gold Experience and the replacement of Toxic Experience, which was then later replaced by Cracked Gold Experience. It could be transformed into Volcanic Gold Experience Requiem by using a Requiem Arrow.

Because of the fact that Volcanic Gold Experience was a shiny variant, the Stand's movesets were the same as its non-shiny version.


Volcanic Gold Experience appears to have Gold Experience’s old model, but with a volcanic design, similar to Retro Star Platinum Over Heaven. The colors black and orange are mainly used. It has lines around the body, and volcanic colored neon on its head, shoulders, fists, hips, and knees. Volcanic Gold Experience used to have no face.

Volcanic Gold Experiences Tree ability was orange, much like its stand's color scheme but different from its counterpart that was green (Toxic Experience). The trail effect from the other abilities were also orange.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
MUDA Barrage
Volcanic Gold Experience barrages the enemy with moderate strength. This has a slightly shorter cooldown than most other barrage attacks.
Moderate Strength
2 to 3 damage per punch
4 seconds
Life Punch
Volcanic Gold Experience strikes the enemy, dealing moderate damage, while also throwing them backward. However, when the enemy recovers from the blow, they are slowed down and stunned for 2 seconds.
Moderate Strength
Under 25 damage
6 Seconds
Reflecting Tree
Volcanic Gold Experience creates a tree beneath the user, elevating them to deflect the damage other players try to deal to them. It doesn't seem to work on Gold Experience Requiem or Over Heaven stands.

Note: Spin users or Emperor users can use their projectiles to deal with damage to the user on top of the tree, and if two players stack on top of each other, the player on top can attack the user.

No Damage
??? seconds
Volcanic Gold Experience will heal anybody that touches with its left hand. This can be used to support team members in a battle. This has a similar animation to a punch but with a green trail.
No Damage
??? seconds
Self-Life Restoration
Volcanic Gold Experience glides in front of the user, rotates around so that it is facing the user, and heals the user with its left arm, healing a great amount.
No Damage
??? seconds
7 Page Muda
This attack only works at -55 HP (half HP or less). Volcanic Gold Experience strikes the target. Anyone hit will be pulled into the range of the user and will be beaten down with a MUDA Barrage for 7 seconds, then knocked away using a Prohibiting Blow. Unfortunately, if your opponent blocks the attack, the 7 Page Muda will do much less damage. It's a good idea to lower your opponent's health before attacking due to the block-ability and the long cooldown.

Note: This attack can get opponents stuck in the air if you die while using it.

Godly Damage
100+ damage
??? seconds


  • VGE, VGER, and RSPOH are the only stands that have this black and neon orange/volcanic color scheme.
  • VGE was the 2nd GE shiny variant, first being Toxic Experience.
  • With this stand being replaced by CGE (would later be replaced by VGE again), it also replaced the Reflecting Tree move as well.
  • The Reflecting Tree move had a neon orange color instead of the normal yellowish-brown, and the other attacks have a green trail.
  • On 9/23/2020 (MM/DD/YY), VGE was announced to be returning.


Audio Gallery

Volcanic GE's Heavy Punch:

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