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They are servants of The Father Void Walker, their leader. They are Enemy NPCs that can attack players. Upon dying, they fade and make a sound effect.

The Servants are a very fast hostile NPC, they were introduced in a mini-event which took place on 06/14/2020 (MM/DD/YY)

They spawned in the tunnel, beach and the sewers, upon spawning, they will generate a black sphere around them.


Void Walker Servant's size is the same as the player and is weaker versions of the Titan Void Walker. They don't have a face. Their body is entirely black and the only unique feature they have is its shoulder-pads.


  • Cannot move in Timestop.
  • Doesn't have a health bar indicating its health. But it still takes damage.
  • Has tons of walk speed.


Name Description Effects
The Void Walker Servant leaps forward. This is similar to other NPCs, such as the Vampiric Minions. They will use this move commonly. The Void Walker will jump forward a far distance
The Servant will shove you away when you're close to them. This move dealt around 30% of damage. When you get hit by this move, it will play the same sound of D4C's Y move. The inflicted will take damage and will be knocked back