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"I've been immortal for one hundred years... and I've never felt this good! This is the greatest high!" - DIO (DIO, ディオ)


Vampiric The World is the semi-canon Stand of Joestar blood DIO, the main antagonist of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders.

Inspired by The World, Vampiric The World has identical abilities to its predecessor but with extra vampiric abilities. This Stand also has a shiny counterpart of itself: The World Greatest High.

This Stand can be obtained by using a Vampire Mask on The World, and its shiny can be obtained by using a Vampire Mask on Retro The World.


Vampiric The World has a very muscular appearance and humanoid build. It wears a heart-shaped headpiece, covering its face to below the place of its nose.

However, Vampiric The World has major differences in terms of its color scheme. Based on the colored manga appearance, this version of The World is entirely colored with various shades of yellow, including its pupils (which are very light shades of yellow), giving it the appearance of having no pupils.

As for Vampiric The World's shiny, The World Greatest High, the main differences in the appearance is the color scheme, in which it has ominous red gleaming eyes, red hearts, and the color design of black to semi-light purples. Its appearance was mainly based on The World Greatest High (Admin).


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
Hamon Allergy
You will take 25% more damage from Hamon users.
Passive B
The Vampiric The World's user is capable of using vampiric abilities, such as Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, Vaporization Freezing Technique, and Vampiric Draining Grab without their Stand needing to be out.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
MUDA Barrage
The World assaults the target with an array of 40 extremely fast punches or kicks. This attack has a 50/50 chance to be either a kick barrage or a punch barrage, both have their unique hitboxes. The kick barrage being well fit for slightly further distance barrages as well as being able to hit ragdolled opponents, while the punch barrage being well fit to push enemies away from your face, its hitbox extending from your avatar to about the length of an arrow laid horizontally. This attack also lasts around 7 seconds if held down until the barrage ends.
Superior Strength
5.5 damage per punch
5 seconds
The World strikes the enemy with a fast and incredibly powerful punch with its right arm, with a short cooldown. This move is good for keeping space between your enemy and you. But it can be useful to finish your enemy.
Superior Strength
36 damage
7.5 seconds
Knife Throw
The player throws a knife. This move is ideally used to pick off enemies from long distances and can be used every three seconds. The knife will do incredible amounts of damage if thrown close to the victim during Time Stop. This move has a short cooldown.
Moderate Damage
25 damage per knife
3 seconds
Time Stop
The World stops time, lasting up to 5 seconds. All damage you do will stack up and effect when time resumes. If used as The World Greatest High, the user will fly upwards then fall back down when time stops.

Note: This move can be canceled by Gold Experience Requiem's Passive and can be stolen by Star Platinum's Time Stop Override

No Damage
45 seconds
Vampiric Draining Grab
The player plunges its hand into the opponent sucking them, dealing an incredible amount of damage, while also healing themselves for the damage done. This move can be punished, so be careful using it.

Note: This move replaces Impaling Thrust. It also has half the regeneration of the Vampire spec.

Good Damage
20 damage
15 seconds
Vaporization Freezing Technique
The player launches themselves forward, using their arms to pierce the target, freezing the opponent in place, holding them up in the air, dealing incredible damage, and then shattering the frozen enemy. This move also knocks the player back. This move has a long cooldown.

Note: This ability does not require the user to have its Stand to be out.

Incredible Damage
75 damage
30 seconds
Space Ripper Stingy Eyes
The player leans back and after charging, will release two laser-like projectiles from their eyes, dealing a good to a great amount of damage. One laser deals 35 damage, however if both lasers hit, it will deal a total amount of 70 damage.

Note: This ability does not require the user to have its Stand to be out.

Great Damage
35 damage per laser
10 seconds
Road Roller
The player stops time, flies up in the air for about 2 seconds, then crashes down with a road roller, dealing 45 damage. The user will then punch the Road Roller 10 times dealing 6 damage with each punch, after that the player will perform a heavy punch, blowing up the Road Roller and creating an explosion which will deal 65 damage. This move used to be a part of The World Greatest High (Admin).

If all attacks from this move land successfully, the move deals 170 damage.

45 damage on landing, 6 damage per punch, 65 damage on explosion
120 seconds

Evolved Forms

(LMB + Camera) - Shadow The World

When a user uses a Camera with it, the user will hold up the Camera, take a picture and the screen will flash white, the user will then obtain Shadow The World. A powerful Stand if used right. Doing this gives the user a 20% chance to obtain Shadow The World's shiny, Retro Shadow The World.

Note: The World Greatest High CANNOT evolve into Shadow The World/Retro Shadow The World when using a camera on it, unlike Vampiric The World.

(LMB + DIO's Diary) - The World (Over Heaven)

Surprisingly, using a Diary on Vampiric The World can also grant the user the Over Heaven variant of The World.

Note: The World Greatest High CANNOT evolve into The World (Over Heaven) when using a DIO's Diary on it, unlike Vampiric The World.

Battle Strategies

General Combat Knowledge:

Vampiric the World is a Stand that is quite good if used well. Your Stand has good durability and good long-ranged moves.


Your R move is something that should be used commonly if the player's ability is short-ranged. If not, you will have to use T and V move. Your T has a short cooldown, thus meaning it can be spammed. Your B is a strong move that shouldn't be used if a Stand has a counter ability (Unless they time it bad). The blood suck can be used to help you survive longer. The barrage ability can be used to start combos because every punch slows down the enemy.


If you're new to VTW, use this as a guide.

Time Stop Combos:

Those obviously are combos that include time stop. They're usually easier than regular combos and/or give chance to deal more damage, but they're banned from almost all 1v1 tournaments. This includes road roller combos.

  • F + Y + B + V (Easy)
  • F + Y + B + R + V (Easy)
  • F+E (Briefly) + B + V + R + (Time resumes) + T (Medium)
  • F + Y + T + R + V + (Time Resumes) + B + T (Takes a little bit more than other combos) (Medium)
  • F+E (Briefly) + B + Y + V (Time resumes) + T (Hard)
  • Y + R + F + C + B + V + E + (Time Resumes) + T (Hard)
  • B + J (Moving Road Roller) (Easy)
  • R (Ragdoll opponent against a wall) + C + J (Easy)
  • F + B + Y + R + V (Time resumes) + T + Z + R (Medium/Hard) F + V + B + Y + E + R (while barraging)

Regular Combos:

Combos that don't include time stop. They are oftentimes inferior to time stop combos, but are allowed in all 1v1 tournaments and casual 1v1s.

  • Y + B (Basic & Easy)
  • Y + R (Basic & Easy)
  • B + V (Basic & Easy But can be Hard at times if you have bad aiming)
  • R + V (Basic & Easy)
  • Y + B + V (Easy)
  • B + V + T (Easy)
  • Y + R + V (Easy)
  • R + C + E (Easy)
  • Y + E (Not long) + R + V (Easy)
  • Y + B + R (Punch while the enemy is still frozen) (Easy/Medium)
  • Y + B + V + C + R + T (Medium)
  • R + V + T (Approach the enemy) + E + B + T (Medium/Hard)
  • V + R + T + Z + R + T + V (Hard)
  • R + V + E + B (Medium)
  • Y + R + B + V (Easy/Medium)
  • R + V + T + C + Y + B + E (Medium/Hard)

Pros and Cons:


  • Decent damage output.
  • Good defense and health.
  • Short cooldowns.
  • Versatile moveset.
  • Overall good ranged moves.
  • Stronger-than-average melee moves.
  • Decent combo potential.
  • Road Roller can be an instant win if it lands.
  • Bloodsuck can be used to gain health.


  • Predictable attacks.
  • Bloodsuck is punishable.
  • Vaporization Freezing Technique often glitches and doesn't do any damage.
  • Vaporization Freezing Technique is very punishable if it glitches.
  • Vampirism will make you receive more damage from Hamon users.
  • Time Stop and Road Roller have very long cooldowns.


Vampiric The World:

  • Vampiric The World is often shortened to VTW for the simplicity of its name.
  • You can use all your vampiric abilities and knife throw without needing your Stand out.
  • This Stand looks similar to The World: Alternate Universe, due to both being the full yellow color scheme seen in the manga. The difference of VTW and TW:AU is that the latter's armor is more sand-like than the former.
  • Vampiric The World's old model used to be The World model before it was changed to the current model.
  • The Roadroller voice line is different from TWGH since TWGH uses the anime voice lines while VTW uses the voice line from All-Star Battle.
  • This Stand is a reference to DIO having Vampiric powers before he obtained a Stand. However, this Stand has never been revealed in any media, such as the anime or manga, making this Stand technically non-canon.
  • This Stand is a combination of DIO's Vampirism and DIO's Stand, but both never showed together fully in any canon media like the anime and the manga.
  • The sounds and voice lines of VTW are from the videogame: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle.
  • You could perform a pose glitch by posing just after you do Vaporation Freezing Technique, this allowed you to move while posing and you could return your Stand by pressing Q.

The World Greatest High:

  • The World Greatest High is often shortened to TWGH.
  • TWGH is strikingly similar to the old version of STW when the Stand was still a shiny.
  • When using time stop, you and TWGH will float in the air and do a pose. During the time stop sequence, a voice clip of DIO yelling "Za Warudo! Toki Wo Tomare! Wryyy..!" ("The World! Stop time! Wryyy..!") will be played.
  • When posing, your character will be standing on a road roller. Voice lines from the anime will start to play: "Immortality... Eternal life.... AND STAND POWER! This proves that no one can surpass DIO! Puny humans. I shall rule you all! Bow before my knowledge and might!".
  • TWGH's quotes can be heard right after DIO enters his high phase, and stops time to recite these lines: "This is the final round!".."I still feel the power! I can still keep it up!".."What a truly magnificent feeling!".."THIS IS THE GREATEST HIGH!"
  • Before the universal pose music removal, DIO's World (JoJo Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders OST DIO's World) would play whenever you posed.
  • When dying, the user screams, “Kono Dio Ga...!”. The user then evaporates and loses some of their body parts. This is a reference to DIO's death in Stardust Crusaders, in where Jotaro punches DIO's leg and it begins to crack, then DIO's right half slowly cracks and explodes. This death animation doesn't work most of the time, due to the fact that players will push the body over, or it will glitch.
  • The World Greatest High's design was influenced by the final portrayal of The World in its stat slide in Stardust Crusaders.
  • When hitting a target, the hit effect particles will be of a dark purple color.
  • The pose is a reference of when DIO finished his road roller move and "smashed" Jotaro. the lines DIO says in the pose is also a reference to the anime.
  • This is the most obvious time stop due to the lengthy animation, and loud sounds. The 2nd is Star Platinum: The World, but SP:TW comes out much quicker. Plus, it doesn't fly up too high.
  • Although there is shiny version of STW, TWGH can't evolve into it, since only VTW can evolve into R/STW. There was, however there are rumors of an STW shiny called Ancient STW Or Legacy STW (before RSTW got into the game)
  • Sometimes, this Stand's Time stop and Vaporization Freezing Technique may not work, and require you to rejoin.
  • It is the only Stand derived from Retro The World that doesn't have lines from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future. Instead, it has lines from the anime.
  • This Stand has an admin version of it. It has some more moves and passives, and also a little bit different in the model.
  • TWGH used to have a glitch where if you were to Time Stop and then use Vaporization Freezing Technique and pose, it would allow you to move with the Road Roller. The hitbox will still be there.
  • TWGH also had a glitch after the pose glitch. If you were to use the Road Roller move while with the pose glitch, the Road Roller would disappear, but your avatar's pose would still be there, making you float until you die. Same for the pose glitch, the hitbox will still be there.
  • TWGH can play the full audio of the Road Roller (J) if you hold the Close Tab button (X in the top-right of the screen) when the road roller hits the ground. When the audio is over, move your cursor from the close tab (X) button, otherwise it will close Roblox.