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The content on this page currently has an unknown status or is currently unreleased, but has been confirmed on official ABD sources, such as on its Trello or was last seen as a Sneak Peek in the ABD Discord Server. Until then, this page will be locked to prevent people from adding false information. Please also note that the information can be outdated/inaccurate, as we also do not have enough official information via official sources.

Vampiric Raids:

Vampiric Raids are an announced feature that will soon be added to A Bizarre Day. Vampiric Raids will have a 1/500 chance of occurring every night. The developers stated the reason why it was so low was because they were still debugging the vampires. If you die during one, you and other dead players will be locked in Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap's dimension until the end of the raid, and unable to attack each other.

Types of Vampires:

There will be multiple vampires added, but for now there are only 3 known types.

Strong Vampire:

This vampire is extremely powerful and larger than regular ones. It can deal heavy damage to players. Their HP begins at 750, and they get 16.66 more for each player. This means that a full server would have 999.9 HP.

Regular Vampire:

This vampire is nearly identical to the Vampiric Minions found in the sewers when fighting Dio Brando. It has 125 HP to start, and for every player they gain 15 more, ending at 350 HP. Their walkspeed begins at 17, and increases by 3 for each player, ending at 62.


Minibosses have been confirmed, although no specifics have. This section will be updated when more information is released.


  • A sneak peek audio code was released to the public for a few minutes, it said: "Papa, Alfa, Sierra, Tango, Echo, Bravo, India, November, dot, Charlie, Oscar, Mike, slash, Romeo, Alfa, Whiskey, slash, lowercase november, seven, uppercase Bravo, lowercase quebec, uppercase Lima, lowecase alfa, eight, four", Once decoded it leads to this page.

Links to leaked videos:

These are some videos of how the vampiric raids will be.


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