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"WRYYYYYYYYYYY!" - Dio Brando (Dio Burandō, ディオ・ブランドー)


The Vampiric Minions are aggressive NPCs that can be found in the Joestar Mansion as Dio Brando's allies. They can drop items such as Water, or a Banknote. The normal vampires have 300 health while the strong variant has 750.

Vampiric Minions are a direct reference to Dio Brando's vampiric minions from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood.

There is a chance that Vampiric Minion 1 can spawn as the strong variant. This variant has x2.5 more health, redder teeth than the basic minions, has a new ground slam move, and spawns in the Sewers instead of the Joestar Mansion. When killed, it drops two items instead of one item.


Vampiric Minions have a simple appearance, they have green skin and wear tattered, dark-colored clothes. Their heads have no hair and it is a brighter skin tone than the rest of their body. The Vampiric Minions' faces have red eyes and fangs, giving them a scarier vibe compared to the rest of the NPCs in the game. Vampiric Minions don't wear any shoes.

The Strong Vampiric Minions are a larger variant compared to the base version. The only discernable difference in appearance besides size is the Strong Minion's redder teeth. The Strong Minion's Ground Smash cracks the floor it is used on.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
"H-How dare you do this to Dio-Sama!"
In case if the other minion gets attacked or Dio Brando himself gets attacked, the Vampiric minions will react, causing them to fight the player.
Passive B
Vampiric Minions have passive regeneration, this is shared with most vampiric features in ABD.

Name Description Effects
Normal Punch
A normal punch. However, for the Vampiric Minions, this move has no cool-down, which can make them attack it's opponent frequently. The inflicted will take and little knock-back damage.
Strong Punch
Vampiric Minions punch the enemy dealing moderate damage and high knock-back. The inflicted will take damage and high knock-back.
The minions will leap into the air, and in any direction they want, usually in the direction of the player they're attacking. The Vampire will move a couple studs forward.
Ground Pound
When the giant version spawns, he will do a ground pound dealing high damage. The inflicted will take damage.

NOTE: The Ground Pound is only with the giant version of the minions.

Drop chances

Vampiric Minions can drop the following items:

Tips and Tricks

  • When fighting Dio Brando and the minions, it's recommended to have one support focusing on the minions and the others on Dio Brando.
  • Gold Experience Requiem, Over Heavens and Santana are good for taking care of the Vampiric Minions because of their strong barrages and healing abilities.
  • There's a 25% for Vampiric Minion 1 to turn into Strong Vampire, which has 750 HP and a unique attack (Ground Smash) that deals a good amount of damage.
  • Sticky Fingers is good for taking care of Vampiric Minions because of his passive.