''I reject my humanity, JoJo!'' - Dio Brando (Dio Burandō, ディオ・ブランドー)    


Vampire Masks grant those who use it the abilities of a Vampire. This item first appears in the first part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood.

When used, they deploy several spikes that pierce several points of the user's brain, soon turning them into a vampire. The spikes would deploy on the brain if it came in contact with blood. This item is obtainable by killing DIO, Dio Brando, or from Trowels, and cannot despawn or be bought in the shop.

Vampire Masks are grey, stone masks that bear basic facial features (eyes, nose, mouth) with the addition of a swirl pattern on the top right of it and a pair of small fangs/sharp teeth beneath the upper lip of the mask's mouth. The mask has spikes protruding from the sides. These spikes are used to be stabbed into the user.


  • Can turn "Standless" or any stand which can't be made into a "Vampiric" form, (any stand not listed below) into Vampire. However, it can also turn people who already have abilities into Vampires as well. (It does, however, remove the stand/spec ability.)
  • Can turn The World into Vampiric The World.
  • Can turn Retro The World into The World Greatest High.
  • When a Stone Mask is used as a vampire you will gain either Santana (15/18 [83.3%] chance), Kars (1/18[5.56%]chance) or Wamuu which is a 2/18 [11.1%]  chance.
  • When using a Trowel, there is a 1.875% chance of getting a Vampire Mask.
  • DIO has a 100% chance of dropping a mask when killed.
  • Dio Brando has a 1/30 (or 3.3333...%) chance of dropping a mask when killed.


(Standless + Vampire Mask) - Vampire

By using a Vampire Mask, you will receive Vampire, an opposite type of ability as Hamon. It has the power of a Vampire from the JJBA Anime/Manga series.

(The World + Vampire Mask) - Vampiric The World

The player pulls out The Vampire Mask and holds it up to the air. The player then forcefully shoves the Vampire Mask into the user's face. Instantly, The World will ascend into its Vampiric form, granting the player: Vampiric The World. You can obtain this stand's shiny: The World Greatest High by using a Vampire Mask on Retro The World, the shiny counterpart of The World.

(Vampire + Vampire Mask) - Santana

To get this spec, you must use a Vampire Mask with the Vampire spec with a 15/18 chance (83.333%) of obtaining it.

(Vampire + Vampire Mask) - Kars

To get this spec, you must use a Vampire Mask with the Vampire spec with a 1/18 (5.56%) chance of obtaining it. 

(Vampire + Vampire Mask) - Wamuu 

To get this spec, you must use a Vampire Mask with the Vampire spec with a 2/18 (11.11%) chance of obtaining it. 


  • Originally, before DIO was added in A Bizarre Day, Stone Masks were able to spawn every 10 minutes with a 1/5 chance and despawned every 5 minutes. However, it would still spawn, but shortly after, it was removed from being able to be spawned. Thus, making Kars rise in rarity.
  • When used, you will gain Vaporizing Freezing Technique, Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, and Blood Suck (Except for Kars, Santana and Wamuu because all of them are Pillarmen instead of Vampires, however, Kars can still do Blood Suck).
  • Its canon name is the "Stone Mask", but is referred to commonly as the “Vampire Mask" due to its most known function being that of turning users of the mask into vampires.
  • The Vampire spec was previously sold for 60,000$.
  • When hovering your cursor over it in your inventory it says, "Reject your humanity!". This is a reference to the scene where Dio rejected his humanity to become a vampire in JoJo Part 1: Phantom Blood.
  • In the sewers, there's a Mask next to Dio Brando, and his Vampiric Minions. There's also something, lurking under the sewers. There is also a pot below it. It is rumored it belongs to Tom.
  • The Vampire Mask is one of the most used items in A Bizarre Day (ABD) from being used to get some of the most sought for stands/specs in the game.



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