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Note, this is a fan made stand and is not in the game. Also can people not edit this without the creator's permission?

"I will stab him with these scissors,"

-Enya the hag



There will be a 3.14159% chance Justice can be gotten from a arrow. Justice will always has a mist flowing around it. This stand would be a mid rang stand that can control players remotely. Based on the manga and anima from Jojo's bizarre adventure stardust crusaders.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Main Abilities

Passive: true star platinum does 20% more damage to Justice.

R, scissor stab: you pull out a scissor and stab in front of you and does lowly damage, but the player that you stab will follow your mouse for 10 secs.

Damage: 10

Cooldown: 17 secs

F, full control: justice goes in front of you and makes a mist that surrounds you. if anybody is not at full hp and is around you, then they will be controlled by justice. they will be under your control for as long as they don't have full hp. when they are under control, they can't use any stand abilities. they will also follow your mouse. if you press V while someone is under your control, they will be forced to use their R stand ability on the nearest player that is not you. the mist will go away after 10 secs but the people you already control stay controlled until they have full HP.

Damage: none

Cooldown: 115 secs.

T, Necromancy : two Npcs that looks like players will spawn around you and they will attack the nearest player part from you. has 40 HP each.

Damage: 15 per hit.

Cooldown: Until you kill at least 2 people.

Y, town illusion : justice makes five small houses around you. this will shield you from any attacks that have Dmgs under 50. the houses will disappear in 20 secs.

Danage: None

cooldown: 60 secs

E, Six Knife Slice: you quickly pull out a knife and cut in front of you six times, each cut does 10 dmg.

Dmg: 13 per slice, 78 dmg total

cooldown: 9 secs.

This was made by xiatianx

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