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A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

Ultimate Life Form is from Part 2, Battle Tendancy. To get it, Use a Dio's Diary on Kars.

Destructive Power : S

Speed : A

Durability : S

Click : A normal punch doing decent damage.

Q : Turn your arms into wings and fly around the map. Press Q again, and your hands are normal.

E : You do a hand barrage doing massive damage.

R : A strong punch pushing back the player, and ragdolling.

T : Shoot bullets (I forgot what its called) that do small damage per shot.

F : Do a Light Slash doing decent damage.

X/Block : Put on rock hard armor (forgot what its called) and attacks do 50% less when someone hits you.

G/Pose: Kars Ulitmate Life Form awakening.

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