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Killer Queen can erase you at any time. For you see, Killer Queen can turn anything it touches into a bomb.

 -Yoshikage Kira


Killer Queen: Full Power or BQ:FP's appearance is just a stand that looks like Killer Queen, but it has a glowing black aura around it. If you don't know what Killer Queen looks like, click the Killer Queen text that is blue.

The way to obtain it is to use a Full Power Arrow  on Killer Queen


E - Slow but Dangerous

Have a chance to do a three bunch combo with Killer Queen: Full Power, or has a chance to do a counter. The counter is you stand still doing Killer Queen's pose. Then if someone punches you, you teleport behind them and punch them.

TPC - 5 DMG PER PUNCH C - 25 DMG Cooldown - 3 seconds                                             

R - First Bomb!

Do a move similar to Killer Queen's R move, but it does very high damage.

FB - 100 DMG Cooldown - 1 Minute

T - Sheer Heart Attack

Place down a SHA. The SHA is unkillable and you can't kill it. It will chase the target down no matter what, until the KQ:FP's stand user dies. Then it will go for the next nearest target. If no target is near, it goes back to the player/owner of KQ:FP.

SHA - 25 DMG Cooldown - 2 seconds'​​'

Y - Yen Coin Throw

Throw a coin, if it lands on the target, you can use the R move.

YBC - 100 DMG Cooldown - 1 Minute


Hit someone, and if anyone looks at the target you hit, press F. Then you say Killer Queen, Second (or first i dont remember) Bomb, BITES ZA DUSTO! Make the time go 1 hour back, (the time at the top or bottom of your screen in-game) and once 1 hour is up, everyone explodes. If you press F, while waiting for 1 hour to be up (since you used BTD and waiting for people to explode) Killer Queen goes out the person's body and BTD will not explode anyone.

BTD - 100 DMG Cooldown - 30 seconds

H - Stray Cat and Killer Queen's Contact Bubble!

Lift up your chest, and Stray Cat appears. Stray Cat makes a bubble and Killer Queen touches the bubble then throws the bubble. When the bubble finds a target, press R to detonate the bubble doing decent damage.

SC&KQ's CB - 25 DMG Cooldown - 5 seconds

How I got this idea.

I was thinking that explosions 1 shot, because Shigekiyo got 1 shotted by a bomb, Rohan (BTD) got 1 shotted and when some gets exploded, they just turn into dust (like how Kira exploded a womans body and the hand remaining). Also, SHA is unkillable.