Creeper Queen Requiem

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This is a Fanmade Stand. This does not exist in the game. The appearance of Creeper Queen Requiem is a charged creeper (like in Minecraft). Use a Requiem Arrow on Creeper Queen.

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This is a charged creeper.

E - Creeper Barrage : Do a Barrage that plays the Revenge Song.

R - Creeper Explosion :Creeper Queen Requiem Hits someone, and when you press R again, the player explodes.

T : Small Creeper : Creeper Queen Requiem places down a normal Small Creeper (not charged) that follows the target. Press T again and the Creeper explodes.

Y : Creeper Throw: Creeper Queen Requiem throws a Creeper. If it hits the target, press R, and the player explodes.

F - Self Destruct : Creeper Queen Requiem hits someone. Press F again, and Creeper Queen does Bites The Dust (Killer Queen Requiem) Everyone near the person you hit will explode. But, the person you hit will not explode.

H - Creeper Grab : Creeper Queen Requiem grabs the target and explodes them. You gain HP from doing this move.

J : Creeper Punch : NOTE : You must do your R move to do this move. J hits the target, ragdolling and pushing them back. You can also switch bombs to other people. For example, you can put a bomb on a target with the R move. Press J on another target. Then press R and the person you hit the J move will explode.

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