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"I, too... can overcome... the fate I inherited from you... I will not cower or flee! If you try to stop me... I shall soar beyond you." - Trish Una 

(This is a Fan-Made stand!)


Spice Girl is the stand of Trish Una, featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventures Part 5: Vento Aureo. (If added to the game) This stand can be obtained using a Stand Arrow with a 7% chance.

Spice Girl is a humanoid Stand of a feminine figure, resembling Trish in its proportions. She has several mathematical signs on her body: Two plus signs rest on her shoulders, two on her elbows and one on her forehead, followed by a division sign on her brow and a multiplication sign on her crown. Her face is without a nose and has black streaks running vertically across her eyes.


[PASSIVE] - Spicy Lady

Any hit that is taken from Spice Girl will leave a rubber-like effect/sound. If hit by Spice Girl your attacks will be slowed down by 1% each hit.

E + Hold - WANNABEE!

Spice Girl punches the opponent up above the user and barrages them with continuous punches doing godly damage all while Trish's theme is playing, and the stand is yelling "WANNABE!". If the move is blocked the damage will decrease significantly.

Spice Girl barrages the opponent slowing down their moves by 2% each hit.

R - Strong Elastic Punch

Spice Girl pulls back its fist and slams it into the foe, dealing great damage, while also slowing down their attacks by 10%.

T - Rubber Door

A door quickly appears in front of Spice Girl which she then punches which stretches the door for a long-range attack.

F - uck

Whenever this move hits an opponent it makes them hard doing a whopping 6969 amount of damage.

J - Notorious B.I.G Beatdown

Once the user reaches below 50 HP, Spice Girl gains access to a very powerful move, while holding a metal pole, Spice Girl hits the opponent down and continuously stabs them doing godly damage.

Z - Stand Jump

Spice Girl makes the ground under her flexible and uses it to propel herself to great heights. It's basically just an average stand jump  but it has extra height yet less distance with a different animation.

H - Soften Mode All attacks done to the user during the 7 second duration of this mode will be reversed doing that exact damage right back to the foe. This move decreases damage by a bit but increases knockback drastically.

(I really hope A Bizarre Day adds this because I love this stand)