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"I am "Esidisi of the Flame! My Mode controls heat!" - Esidisi (Eshidishi, エシディシ)

(This is a Fan-Made spec! It may or may not be added to the game)


Esidisi is a very strong spec that takes some time to get, depending on how long the user grinds for this spec. It has a variety of stun moves and good combos. This is also known as AC/DC. For this spec you need 2 Stone Mask However, it is easier since you can dig it, the drop is 1% from digging and 100% from DIO, and you can obtain it with a 1/30 chance of killing Dio Brando. To get this spec, you must use a Stone Mask with the Vampire spec. There is a 5/17 or arround 23.5% chance of obtaining it. If you dont get this spec you will either get Santana, Kars, or Wamuu.

Esidisi does not take much of an appearance on the user, however you will get his shoulder pads that cover your chest as well, they have small nails on the ones that cover his shoulders. This accesorie does not do anything or have an affect, it is just decoration.


(I do not completely know how to make the new format, I tried but it wouldn't work out so imma stick with the old format until I figure it out)

[PASSIVE] - Pillarman

Regenerate 2% of your health every second, passively, deal 25% more damage to vampires, and receive 25% less damage nfrom Hamon users.

Q - Heat Mode

Using Heat Mode, Esidisi is able to raises his body temperature over 500 degrees celcius which gives him 3 more moves while this is activated. When activated the user gets a red-ish flame aura. Heat Mode has a 15 second cooldown and lasts for 20 seconds.

LMB - Pillar Man Strike

Makes your arm rush through the air doing significant damage with a cooldown of 1.5 seconds.

E - Flaming Barage

Use your arms to do a very fast rush dealing with significant damage. The particles are similar to that of GER’s/UGER’s.

R - Flaming Punch

You charge back your fist to release a punch doing decent damage.

T - Blood Suck

Grab an opponent with both hands and drain their blood, healing you and dealing godly damage. This fling allows combos. (Does not heal if they're guarding, but it does fling).

H - Flaming Kick

Do an upwards kick dealing incredible damage. Deals no knockback, but lots of stun. It is a good combo starter and is a spammable move with a cooldown most likely at 5 seconds. (H move of Kars)

V - Pillar Man Dash

Dash forward a great distance with great speed and a low cooldown as much as a roll. You will not fall during this move until it ends. The cooldown for this is 4.5 seconds.

Heat Mode Moveset:​​​​​​

Y - Erratic Blaze King 

After entering his Heat Mode, Esidisi extends his blood vessels out of his body and makes them into long, prehensile needles with which he injects his boiling blood into enemies simultaneously healing him 5 HP. this move has a 16 second cooldown.

F - Giant Cartwheel Prison

After creating several holes in his back, Esidisi makes a huge spinning jump, while extending his blood vessels out of the newly created holes, similar to a hedgehog's spines. He then attacks using his blood vessels to surround his enemies, giving them little room to escape. This move does significant damage and has a 28 second cooldown.

J - Self Detonation

As a last resort to make the fight a draw you are able to detonate your own body, in order to cover a wide area with his boiling blood and kill a big group of enemies. Presumably, by using this move you kill yourself but do godly damage to those around you. This move has a cooldown of 1 minute. (I might add a move to where after you use this you have a sliver of time to click on an oponent and it lets you "posess" them for a few seconds idk)

Background Story (Spoilers):

Esidisi is an antagonist featured in Battle Tendancy He is the second highest ranked Pillar men after Kars and battles the Hamon users for the possession of the Red Stone of Aja. Esidisi the power to manipulate flames/fire. Like Wamuu and Kars, Esidisi is very confident in his powers and abilities and sees humans as inferior. He is particularly smug towards Joseph and enjoyed outwitting the human. Despite this, Esidisi is very affable and acts calm a majority of the time, tranquilly assessing the situation before taking action. Esidisi never loses sight of his goal, and will always act to get the Red Stone of Aja. But he has a dangerous temper so he tends to emotionally break down as a calming mechanism, the abrupt tantrum and sobbing also serving as an unsettling destabilization tactic.Esidisi's devotion to Kars' goals is so adamant that he would gladly lower himself to bring them to fruition.


  • Esidisi has 3 quotes (N)
  • His first quote is "Very Manly Cry"
  • His second quote is "Men with a look like that in their eyes die quickly when they run into me."
  • The third quote is "It is still a little soon for you to have the right to fight me!"
  • If added this may get Ultimate Lifeform update just like Kars or Wamuu
  • etc.


(Remember this is a Fan-Made spec that is not in game! it might or might not be added!)

Okay well thats all, please leave any suggestions in the comments and keep your hate to your self unless its critisism because that helps me fix things. Thank you!