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Strange Poyo Strange Poyo 6 May 2020

Death 13 idea

Destructive Power : C

Speed : C

Durability : B

{PASSIVE A} Cloak : Death 13's lower body does not take damage (user does still take damage lower down)

{PASSIVE B} Dream world : Unless the target already had their stand out while being brought to the dream world if they bring out their stand and attack the stand will attack them, thought if they had their stand while coming in they will not be able to un summon it

{PASSIVE C} Sleep : Death 13's damage is buffed in the dream world

E = Scythe swipe

Death 13 swings its scythe 3 times at the target

R = Cut

Just a single scythe cut

T = Blade Throw

Death 13 throws its scythe like a boomerang


Simualr to D4C's move death 13 brings people in a radius to their dimension for 25 seconds

Y = Strong Punch


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Strange Poyo Strange Poyo 27 April 2020

another new the world epic

I thought there should be more stands like shadow the world (hard to learn great returns) so uh yeah


  found with a stand arrow (1% chance)    


Destructive Power  A

Speed   A+

Durability B


Click : Quick Jab

Jabs the target (low cooldown/low damage)

Q : Knives

Throws a ton of knives

E : Ranged Barrage

Sets the world on a target while you are free to move

R : Strong Swipe

Swipes the target and ragdolls them for 2 seconds

T : Stingy Eyes   

Simular to STW's stingy eyes but cant be charged    

Y : Roundhouse

Kicks Target (Chance to ragdoll)

B : Draining Grab

Same as VTW's

Z : Dash

Increases speed/Dashes Foward


The World appears behind the target and punches them, though it can be dodged


Click …

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Strange Poyo Strange Poyo 19 April 2020

Diver Down Concept


7% Chance from arrows

[Passive] Diver Down can attack within the user Destructive Power - A Speed - A Durability - C

E - Strong Punch

Diver Down punches the target, simple

R - Grab

Same as Star Platinums grab

T - Leg kick

Diver Down swipes their legs under the targets, ragdolling them

F - Diver Down

Diver Down dives into the floor , allowing remote control for a range greater than Hireophant Greens

H - Possession [While Diver Down is activated]

Diver Down jumps into a target and allows you to attack from within them, they can still move but you are within them , you can hit them or people outside though you can also take the damage they take (30 seconds)

J -…

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Strange Poyo Strange Poyo 18 April 2020

Weather Report Concept

Destructive power : A Speed : B Durability : A

2% from arrows

[PASSIVE A] Weather Report doesnt need to be out of the user to do most attacks

[PASSIVE B] Wind Disturbance All players have a slight highlight (not including KC] meaining if one is behind a wall or invisable Weather Report can locate them

E - Barrage Weather Report auto aims at the target throwing out 3 strong kicks

R - Hard wind

Weather Report lunges at the target knocking them over

T -  Poisonous Frogs

[aimed with cursour] Weather Report will make it rain 5 poison frogs onto the target [low damage] [poison effect]

F - Weather Report

Weather Report disperses among an area, punching people who come within

J - Heavy Weather

Weather report will create rainbows in the sky anyone within an di…

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Strange Poyo Strange Poyo 18 April 2020


as of recently people have been being randomly banned/losing their stands after joining a private then a public so i wouldnt join a private for like a month

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