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"A Corpse... the results of reciving great harm, But at the same Time... A Corpse wants to meet other corpses, The Corpse you bear... Is a Response to mine and was brought into this world!" - DIO, Gone to Heaven (DIO, Tengoku eitta.)


The World : Over Heaven (Potential Unlocked) is the stand of Heaven Ascended Dio after using the Saint's Corpse

The World : Over Heaven (Potential Unlocked) is a stronger verson of The World (Over Heaven) with a changed moveset this stand also deals great damage in a short amount of time if used right like most of the other variants of The World, (Side Note: This stand is very rare due to having to use a Diary on The World then using a Corpse Part its even rarer to see its Shiny Variant)

Obtained by using The Holy Corpse on The World (Over Heaven)


Passive Abilites

Type of Ability Name Description
Passsive Heavenly The user is not effected by status moves (Burn, Freeze, Bleed, Gravity etc..)
Passive The Truth The user is not effected by any TS (other than R/SPOH's) [Turned off by default]
Passive The Corpse Power (+Vampirism) The User will heal 6 points of hp per second if not attacked for 15 seconds
Passive Corpse Merge The user has a purple bar at the side of their screen to tell if they need to charge (every 10% charge gives a 1.25 damage boost and at 100% a new moveset but after the bar goes below 75%  the moveset reverts)

Moveset (Basic)

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
E Heavenly Muda Combo The World(:OH PU) will go for a grab and if this lands slam the enemy into the ground then pick them up toss them in the air then hit them in the stomach fast enough to say "MUDA MUDA- MUDA!"

Superior Damage


     7 seconds



Godly MUDA! Rush The World (:OH PU) will take their fist and start swinging at Increadible speeds ahead of them while yelling "MUDA MUDA MUDA!" Until the barrage ends

Godly Damage

20 (per hit)

     4 seconds
R Muda Punch The World (:OH PU) will take their fist and do a Increadibly fast strike ahead knocking anybody back 45 studs

Increadible Damage


     6 seconds



Muda Overwright The World (:OH PU) will do a charged strike ahead dealing a somewhat bad damage of 35 but if the enemy is under 40% hp they will disapper

Superior Damage


    10 seconds
T Charging Knife The User will materialize a knife and if T is not held they will toss it dealing 10 damage but if T is held for a bit the knife will glow white and deal 35 damage but if held even longer the knife will turn red nothing will happen if held after but the red knife will track the closest player and abon contact explode and deal 76 damage (if used in ts the user will toss 5 knifes that can STILL be charged)

Moderate Damage


Great Damage

35 (held)

Incredible Damage

76 (held)

     6 seconds
Y Reality Warping Beam The user will charge up with their hand above their face and after Y is let go shoot a laser beam from their eyes that is charged long enough is invisible, if not charged 16 damage if charged 65 (if not charged the animation is same as TS so it can be used to fool people to waste stand jump)

Moderate Damage


Superior Damage

65 (held)

    18 seconds
F Unlocked Overwright The World (:OH PU) will lean down then do a swift strike that can kill almost all stands (stands not effected, SP3, KQ:BTD, TW, VTW, STW, WS, C-M, MIH, U/GER, TA4, CD4C, R/SPOH) if it dosent kill a stand it gets them half hp to set up a Muda Overwright



   2.5 minutes
G Corpse Power Charge The User Charges the purple Corpse Power Bar on the side of their screen to gain a power boost and/or a new moveset its easy to tell when its charged due to the purple and black aura that surronds the user when charged N/A    0.9 seconds
H Heavenly Time Stop The User puts their hands infront of their face and then brings them down very fast and stop time making everybody (but SP3, R/SPOH, and U/GER,) N/A    1.5 minutes
J Leaning Kick The World (:OH PU) will walk a few steps ahead then lift up their leg then bring it down to kick off the head

Superior Damage


    18 seconds
V Heavenly Portal The user will summon a portal (where their cursor is) and go in it and the portal will close 10 seconds after the last PLAYER used it not the last time the user used it N/A    3.5 minutes
B Heal Mode Toggle The User will do a pose then a green aura will surrond The World (:OH PU) N/A 1 second




Self-Healing Punch The World (:OH PU) will punch the user and give them extra hp N/A     37 seconds

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