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“ I'm replaying all of the past memories! Every sweat drop, every pulse going through his body! My Stand will trace everything, unrelentingly. ”—Leone Abbacchio to Bruno Bucciarati (レオーネ・アバッキオ Reōne Abakkio)


Moody Blues (ムーディー・ブルース Mūdī Burūsu) is the Stand of Leone Abbacchio, featured in Vento Aureo.

Moody Blues is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Abbacchio's. It is clothed from its head to its knees in a semitransparent piece of medium shade, open between the base of its neck and its crotch (revealing a light surface), and which forms a tent between its head and its shoulders.

It has a depressed, digital timer on its forehead; while its eyes resemble the speakers of a cassette player; repeated on the sides of its shoulders, the back of its hands and on its knees.

Most media featuring Moody Blue feature it being white and purple.

In the anime, Moody Blues has a constant VHS static-like effect present over its body while active, with said effect becoming more pronounced when it uses its ability. Furthermore, when activated and when using its abilities it emits sounds akin to both a landline telephone's dial-up tone and hang-up click, as well as the fast-forward and reverse winding of a VHS tape. Another addition in the anime is that of a notably plump rear.


Q-Stand Summon


Moody Blues will do a barrage in front of you.


Moody Blues will do a simple kick.

T-"Did you lose something?"

You can only use this move if you have an item on you.You need to put your cursor on someone and then the item will be transfered to that person.Also will have a rewinding hand making you unable to use any moves.And if the rewinding hand hits anybody they will be damaged greatly.

F-"Moody Blues is transforming."

You will be able to replay someones movements.For example,if someone posed on a bench and you used this move you will have Moody Blues transform into that person and position.Also if that person was using attacks you can use them to attack your opponent.


  • It's named by the band "The Moody Blues"
  • There are two voicelines.
  • First voiceline is "What the hell is wrong with you?"
  • Second voiceline is "Moody Blues is transforming


This stand is a close ranged stand.To be honest this is a realy weak stand.So I think if you get this stand you want to change it.