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"I now realize that His Holy Corpse must be gathered to the President of this nation, who will one day become the head of the world!"-Blackmore (Burakkumoa,ブラックモア)


Catch the Rainbow is a stand obtained by using the Holy Corpse (Spine). This stand is quite good for defence due to

it's deflecting and healing moves.


Catch the Rainbow takes the form of a mask worn by Blackmore. A heavy supraorbital ridgeW of a vaguely troubled angle hangs over its eyeholes. It has no nose, and in the region of the mouth it bears a row of five long, vertical slits, dotted by five holes.

Light overall, it is marked by three colorful stripes crossing from its left eye to its right cheek. The stripes were designed to be a rainbow version of a hockey mask.[1]

Catch the Rainbow is white with blue, green and red stripes in the colored manga.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A Rain If the user activates Catch the Rainbow, rain will appear, therefore allowing the user to use the skills. If there is two Catch the Rainbow's, the rain will be the same.
Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Frozen Raindrops

About 13 studs around the user, there will be Frozen raindrops that if anybody walks, they will be damaged. This can only be holded for 10 seconds. You can avoid this move by not moving at all.

Each step 10 Damage 18 seconds
Rain Choke The user will have it's hand extended about 10 studs and anybody that gets hit by this will be stunned for 3 seconds while being rapidly being damaged. 10 Damage(Punch Damage) 5 Damage(Rapid Damage) 10 Seconds
Raindrop Deflect The user will be covered with frozen raindrops. Any projectile will be deflected back to the person that hit you. This move lasts about 10 seconds. N/A 10 Seconds
Body Part Connect The user will heal itself by 10%. N/A 15 seconds
Rain Teleport The user will teleport to wherever the cursor is(even the air aswell). No DamageN/A 16 Seconds
Rain Walk The user will be able to walk on the rain for 20 seconds(If you jump you will go higher than you were.). No DamageN/A 16 seconds


  • R+E


  • This stand's name is based of the song "Catch the Rainbow" by Ritchie Blackmore.
  • There is no quotes due to the character not having a voice yet.
  • Whenever you pose, Catch the Rainbow will play.