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"If I can't find your breath all because the fire's too big...thenI'll just have to make it bigger!" - Narancia Ghirga (Earosumisu, エアロスミス)


The Stand has the shape of a toy airplane piloted by a very small pilot named Mr. Smith (スミスさん Sumisu-san) inside.[1] The plane itself can be described as a propeller monoplane fighter in a tractor configuration (the propeller situated at the front), given features resembling eyes and a mouth. Its wheels are retracted under the fuselage, and its weaponry includes two machine guns under the wings and a single bomb attached under the fuselage.

Narancia has a unique method of recalling Aerosmith by spreading his arms horizontally and making the Stand land on them like a runway.


[Passive A]:"You know if I can't shoot....I have other ways to kill you!"

Just like in "Your Bizarre Adventure" Whenever the propellor is touched by anyone (If a person is too close to the user)they will be damaged.If Aerosmith is in Pilot Mode whenever Aerosmith touches any target they will be damaged.

LMB-Weak Shots

Aerosmith will shoot weak shots.Deals 3 Dmg per hit.

E-"How Dare You?! How dare you?! How dare you?!"

Aerosmith will shoot out bullets rapidly like a machine gun.Deals 5 Dmg per hit.

R-"Murder him,Aerosmith!"

Aerosmith will fly to where your cursor points to and will drop a bomb there dealing AOE damage.Deals 10 Dmg.

T-Carbon Dioxide Radar

Just like Santana's F move you will see every player in the server.This does not detect dummies due to them not being alive.

F-Pilot Mode/Manual Pilot

Just like Hireophant Green's V you can take control of Aerosmith and move it around.Although when you use Pilot Mode you wont be able to move.Only your stand will be able to move.This leaves you realy vulnerable.

J-Volare Via

This is a beatdown and requires 25% health to be used and can be used once per life.It is long ranged like Sticky Fingers.Its not realy strong.If someone was full health and you used the beatdown on that person they will be having quarter health.


  • There are two lines for Aerosmith.
  • First line is "Volare Via!"
  • Second line is "I'll kill you!"
  • When you have Aerosmith you will pose by spreading your arms horizontally.
  • When you pose it will play "Dude looks like a lady" by Aerosmith.


  • Thank you for reading.If you have any suggestions leave a comment.
Narancia Posing
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Aerosmith itself.
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