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"I'm gonna have to teach you that people who don't have anythin' to lose are the scariest types, Mr. Smartass !"-Magent Magent(Majento Majento,マジェント・マジェント)


20th Century Boy is a stand obtained by using a Holy Corpse on standless. You have a 40% chance of getting this stand from the Holy Corpse.


20th Century Boy appears generally like a hollow piece of armor, composed of a headpiece, two large shoulder pads from which hang two long, branching straps, and a shell at its back from which grow two more comparatively plain straps. Blank-eyed, its head bears two long, vertical antennae; a bolt runs through it from shoulder to shoulder; and it is marked by a motif resembling a small hand of three simple fingers, both on its head and at every end of its branching straps.

20th Century Boy is purple and cyan in the colored manga.


Type Of Ability      Name                      Description
Passive A Immobilized Whenever this stand is activated, the user will be immobilized.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown


Revolver Shots The user shoots it's revolver 3 times.  5 damage per hit 5 seconds
Shotgun Shot The user will shoot it's shotgun at the enemy. This has wide range. 30 Damage 10 Seconds
Absolute Defence: Hidden Dynamite This move needs the user to activate it's stand. The user and 20th Century Boy will have dynamite around it's body, which then the explosion won't affect the user but it will hit everyone else.

Great Damage

30 to 49 damage

20 Seconds
Absolute Defence:Perfect Defence The user and 20th Century Boy will be invincible to any attacks (including GER). If anybody were to attack the user, the damage they dealt will be transfered to wherever the user's cursor is.(Cursor can only reach 10 studs) N/A 8 seconds
Single Pistol Shot This move does not need the user to have it's stand on. The user will shoot one bullet to it's opponent. 20-26 16 Seconds


  • H+T+E
  • R+E+T+H
  • (If someone tries to hit you)F+Cursor on your target+E+R+H+T


  • This stand's name is based of the song "20th Century Boy" made by T-Rex.
  • This stand does not have any Quotes(N) due to it not having a voice.



Absolute Defence:Hidden Dynamite

Single Pistol Shot

Absolute Defence:Perfect Defence


20th Century Boy Model