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"You utter fool! German science is the best in the world!" - Stroheim

Keep in mind this is fanmade spec,To obtain it,you must use wrench.(Wrench's spawns at 39 minutes with 1/4 chance)


Destruction power- A+

Speed - B

Durability - A+


E + hold - shoots a torso gun every bullet deals 5 damage,this ability can be held forever,however it wont make you move,the cooldown is 10 seconds.

R- arm missile,User stops  and charges and launches his arm to opponent,the opponent will be knockbacked and ragdolled,dealing 40 damage.The cooldown is 35 seconds,

T- Radioactive light user stops for a bit and lights up a radioactive light it can be controlled by a mouse,Dealing 45 damage,Cooldown is like 30 seconds

Y- Lazer beam,The user will shoot out a lazer beam from his eye,it can be controlled by a mouse,Dealing 55 damage.

Left click- Basic punch,but it has no cooldown,dealing 9 damage per hit.

F- Grenade, User pulls out a grenade and explodes himself.If opponent is near him or her will be dealed 100 damage

G- Will do a nazi pose,Playing Propoganda

N - Will say phrases like "You utter fool! German science is the best in the world"

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PASSIVE A: While using radioactive light on vampire or pillarmen,It will deal 90  damage.

U + Hold  - Self repair -  User Stops and heals himself or herself,Can be held forever Healing points are 10,Cooldown: 20 seconds

I - German troops - Player summons 3 german troops with rifles,German troop's rifle deals 25 damage they will despawn after 35 seconds  ,Cooldown: 35 seconds after despawn

The song


JoJo Battle Tendency OST Propaganda-0