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This Ability, Item or Feature is Fanmade.
There's no way to view this in-game as it is Fanmade, and it will never be (or might be) added into the game itself.

"Yeah i feel like you might see a pattern starting here" - The guy making this page


gonna do this after i get a name for this stand cause yes


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Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
Freezing Mist
The user is immune to fire.
Passive B
Clear Body
The user cannot have stats lowered or raised (Movement cannot be raised nor lowered, same for attack strength, defense, etc.)
Passive C
Cursed Waters
If the user is killed, the user will take control of their stand for 30 seconds, where they can use any move and move around as the stand. With this, using Y does not move you back to where you were upon using the move. The user cannot die during this, but will respawn when the 30 seconds are over. Though, if you use Self Seal (J), the timer will be reset, and you cannot be respawned during Self Seal.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown


Flash Freeze
[placeholder] will hold out an arm and a blast of icy mist comes out of it. This slows down opponent's movement making it hard to escape without using a mobility move to get out.
Superior Strength
3 damage per particle
10 Seconds
[placeholder] will slap the enemy.
Great Strength
18 damage
8 Seconds
Icicle Cannon
[placeholder] will go in front of the user and throw five icicles that ragdoll.
Great Strength
5 damage per icicle
4 Seconds

Cursor on Target

[placeholder] locks onto the enemy, making any move used for 9 seconds after this move will directly go to the enemy, indicated by the users crosshair.
Good Damage
34 damage
8 Seconds
False Creation
[placeholder] creates a clone of the user out of ice that attacks the nearest person.
Great Strength
8 damage per kick
16 Seconds
Ice Lunge
[placeholder] creates an icicle and lunges forward with it. This move has high stun but low knockback.
Great Strength
50 damage
12 Seconds
The user will cross their arms with an X with their stand disappearing. Then, the user blows up. This deals damage based on how much HP the user had before this move. This move also halves the users HP.
Damage varies
Same as current HP
30 Seconds
Self Seal
The user will kneel with their arms crossed in an X and their stand disappearing. Then, the user will be frozen over until they are hit. If the user is hit while frozen, the damage is negated and [placeholder] will manifest, home into the enemy, and punch them. The user cannot escape Self Seal unless they reset or are attacked. In this state, the user will heal 3 HP per second.
No Damage
60 Seconds
[placeholder] freezes the ground below the user and skates on it.
No Damage
60 Seconds
The user dashes forwards.

Note:You can use this move without the Stand out.

No Damage
2 Seconds

Cursor on Target

Ice Spear
[placeholder] creates a spear out of ice and throws it at the users cursor. If this hits an enemy, they will be ragdolled and pinned to that spot for 5 seconds.
Good Damage
28 damage
18 Seconds


  • When Cursed Waters is active, a later part of the Ruined Regi trio theme will play.
  • Voice lines: To play the voice lines press N. This stand's voicelines are: "...", "∷ᒷᒷ.. ∷ᒷᒷ⊣╎╎...", and "∷ᒷᒷ⊣╎ ╎ᓵᒷ!".
    • The audio for these quotes are taken from Regice from Pokémon.
    • These quotes appear above the stand's head rather than the user's.