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"Fourty days and fourty nights.." - Pucci AU (Enrico Pucci, エンリコ・プッ)


Whitesnake AU's husk is the husk of Whitesnake AU having broken off upon evolving into C-Moon AU.

The WS:AU husk is used to evolve C-Moon AU to Meikaruza.


the Whitesnake AU Husk is a broken apart, duller version of Whitesnake AU.

When using the husk on C-Moon AU, it will create a gold explosion and a large cloud of dust.


  • It will turn C-Moon AU users into Meikaruza. It cannot be used with any other stands.
  • Spawns every 40 minutes with a 1/4 (25%) chance.
  • Never despawns.
  • It cannot be bought.
  • It can be obtained by digging with a Trowel with a 0.4% chance.
  • It can only spawn or be obtained from a Trowel when a C-Moon AU user is in the server.
  • The explosion created upon use knocks away other players by around 20 studs, but doesnt deal damage.
  • The dust stays for around 20 seconds before clearing up.
  • The dust looks like the clouds that appear when Giorno uses the arrow.