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"The most repulsive form of evil is to exploit innocent people who don't know anything, and to use others merely for one's own gain!" - Bruno Bucciarati (Burōno Bucciarati, ブローノ・ブチャラティ)


Sticky Fingers is the Stand of Bruno Bucciarati, a core ally featured in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo/Golden Wind.

Sticky Fingers is a mid-range Stand whose excellent strength and speed make it suitable for direct combat. In addition, it possesses a very versatile ability in the form of its zippers. Sticky Fingers' primary ability is to create zippers on any surface it touches with its fists, which it can remotely open or close at its command.

This stand is a part of the Arrow Stand Pool, in which it has a 7% chance (B-Tier percentage) of obtaining from a Stand Arrow.


Sticky Fingers is a humanoid Stand of a height and build similar to Bruno's. Its face is hidden apart from the mouth by a helmet-like covering adorned with a mohawk-like row of short spikes.

Its body is covered in a white bodysuit, with its chest and stomach exposed, and has pieces of padded armor over the shoulders, arms and wrists, knees, and feet.

Zippers varying in size hang from the base of its neck and abdomen, the back of its hands, and the top of its feet. Most media featuring Sticky Fingers portray it as being white and blue.


Type of Ability Name Description
Zipper Man
Any hit or moves taken from Sticky Fingers will have a chance of leaving an effect of putting zippers on the target. After 3 seconds, the zippers will fade away but the target will take a total amount of 9 damage if the opponent gets a zipper. This passive, however, has its limits, specifically the probability of actually leaving the zippers.

Note: This passive applies to ALL of Sticky Finger's damage dealing moves.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
ARI Barrage
Sticky Fingers quickly barrages the opponent with 50 strong punches.

Note: Your character doesn't slow down while using this attack.

Superior Strength
5 damage
6 seconds
Charged Zipper Punch
Sticky Fingers starts to charge a powerful punch. Depending on how long the user charges, the damage will vary. The arm will also start to flash white when it starts charging and blue when it is fully charged. It takes 7.8 seconds to fully charge your punch. This move does a small knockback when not fully charged. However, it can do a greater knockback when fully charged. The punch can be held infinitely, but it caps at 50 damage. This move places more zippers on the enemy based on how long it has been charged.
Superior to Great Strength
37.5 - 50 damage
10 seconds
Zipper Placement/Unzip
Sticky Fingers strong punches the opponent, placing 1 to 3 large zippers on the enemy. If you press this key again after placing zippers on an opponent, they will ragdoll.
Great Damage
30 damage (Punch)
Good Damage
17.5 damage per zipper (Unzip)
20 seconds
Roundhouse Kick
The user does a roundhouse kick. Deals a small amount of damage but a good amount of knockback.

Note: This can be used without the user needing to bring its stand out.

Pitiful Damage
10 damage
10 seconds
Zipper Extension
Sticky Fingers unzips its arm, allowing them to shoot forward an extended punch that delivers a great blow. This move also brings the opponent closer.
Great Damage
37.5 damage
6.75 seconds
Weak Stand Jump
Basically a normal stand jump, except it's weaker. Use this move to gain distance from your foes.
No Damage
15 seconds
Zipper Glide
Sticky Fingers and its user gracefully glide at incredible speeds, allowing for a quick getaway. If you collide with a player while using this move, they will take a good amount of damage. This move leaves an opening for combos.
Good Damage
25 damage per collision
15 seconds
Zipper Portal
Sticky Fingers quickly opens a zipper onto the floor, teleporting its user to their cursor's location. This has a very far range. If you use this move with your cursor on a wall you are close to or around 3 studs around you for the floor, Sticky Fingers will place a zipper on the surface, putting a hole there. The zipper will stay for 2 seconds before despawning, allowing others to chase or follow you.
No Damage
10 seconds
The user rolls for a short distance, with an different animation than other stands/specs.
No Damage
4 seconds