“Omae wa mou, shindeiru.” - Kenshiro (Kenshirō, ケンシロウ)


Fist of the Pot Star is a spec that appears to be black and red brass knuckles. This is obtained via a quest.

(To finish the quest, you need to have done 2500 Standless DMG, 5000 Hamon DMG, and 10000 Vampire DMG. You also need to have Vampire when finished for this spec.)


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
The user of this spec gains an incredible speed boost.
Passive B
The user has a passive block, meaning that all damage dealt towards the user are halved, and also having a ragdoll resistance.
Passive C
Vampiric Regeneration
The player will passively regenerate 1.5% health per second.
Passive D
Due to this spec involving a lot of time and grinding to obtain, it can’t be traded for other stands or specs.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Kenshiro's 100 Immortal Blows
The user barrages and deals a massive amount of damage.
Devastating Strength
6 damage per punch
5 seconds
Heavy Strike
The user charges their right fist for a moment and punches a foe, ragdolling and doing decent knockback.
Great Damage
30 damage
6 Seconds
The user grabs the target similar to a bloodsuck, and slams their head into them.
Incredible Damage
50 damage
30 Seconds
Spin Teleport
The user Spins for a little and then teleports to the person that is on their cursor.
Devastating Strength
60 seconds
Pot Star Leap
Similar to a stand jump, the player kicks off the ground with great force, going a good distance ahead of them. You can also combo it with Z, to get a lot of distance.
No Damage
10 Seconds
Pot Star Propulsion
This move is shared with most stands. You jump a distance off the ground.
No Damage
20 Seconds


(Voicelines are from the fictional character Kenshiro from the manga/anime series called Fist of the North Star)

Omae wa mou, shindeiru.”

“One question! Satisfy my curiosity, that statue in the town square, who is it supposed to be?”

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