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This Ability, Item or Feature is Fanmade.
There's no way to view this in-game as it is Fanmade, and it will never be (or might be) added into the game itself.

“I regret making a meme name for this post.” - The guy making this page


Orpheus is a spec, being based on the persona Orpheus in Persona 3. This spec has three different shiny variants, being a female version and a Telos version of both.

Apart from their differences in appearance, however, the Telos shinies actually deal more damage than the other Orpheus variants, unlike most of the other shinies.

The default and female Orpheus’ are both obtained from a 1/2 chance from using an Evoker on No Abilities.


The Evoker has a simple silver appearance, resembling a gun with a black handle and “S.E.E.S” embedded onto the barrel.

Orpheus is robotic, having a mechanical body, just with a regular head, having unkempt hair. He also has a lyre on his back.

He has black skin and white hair, with his joints and torso being a silver, with the rest being white. He also wears a red scarf around his neck.

With one of Orpheus shinies, being the regular female one, Orpheus now has long, orange hair and a white head. Her torso is also now orange and the lyre is now in the shape of a heart.

As for the other shinies, the Evoker is golden and Orpheus (or the female version) is replaced by Orpheus Telos. His colour scheme changes, with his shoulders and torso becoming red and his head and scarf becoming white. His lyre also becomes gold, and same with the metal joints and hair. This colour scheme is shared with the female version of Orpheus Telos.


Type Name Description
Passive A
The users persona can only be out for 2 seconds normally, but every attack adds another second. After the time is up, the persona disappears.
Passive B
The user starts with 500 SP. The more Persona moves they use, the more SP is drained. They cannot use moves that use more SP than what the user has.
Passive C
The user is immune to attacks that would OHKO the player at a certain percent (Examples: CR’s F, Reality Overwrite), which instead of instakilling the player, leaves them at 30 HP or lower.
Passive D
The user passively gets 5 SP every second.
Passive E
Exclusive to Telos variants
The user deals 1.12x more damage.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
The user brings their evoker to their head and fires it, summoning their persona and allowing them to use its moves.
Pitiful Self-Damage
3 damage
Orpheus moves to the location of the players cursor and slams the ground in front of him with his lyre. This uses 7 SP.
Good Damage
13 damage
Orpheus moves to the location of the players cursor and chops at the opponent. This move has a fire effect, being that it sets anyone it hits on fire for 1-3 dmg every second for 10 seconds. This uses 32 SP.
Great Damage
28 damage
Agi / Agilao / Agidyne
Orpheus goes in front of his user and charges up a fireball, shooting it when the user lets go of T. This move has a fire effect, being that it sets anyone it hits on fire for 1-3 dmg every second for 10 seconds. This uses 20 to 85 SP.
Good to Superior Damage
13 to 60 damage
Orpheus holds out a hand and heals anyone who touches it. If you use this move with your cursor on someone, Orpheus will float to them then heal. If this is used on a persona user, it restores 30 SP along with the HP. Though, this move uses up 28 SP.
Great Healing Strength
40 HP healed
Marakukaja / Heat Riser
Orpheus unleashes a circle around him, with the centre of it being the user and the edge being at their cursor. Everyone in that circle gets a defence buff, where they only take 70% of the damage they would normally take. If you use this move with your cursor on someone, only they get the buff, but also deal 10% more damage and 1.2x walkspeed. This uses up 74 SP.
No Damage
Vorpal Blade
Orpheus moves to the location of the players cursor and does 4 slices, each stunning the enemy. This uses up 67 SP.
Great Damage
28 damage
Orpheus charges up his fist and creates a large blue explosion to where the cursor is pointing at. Deals 50 damage and inflicts knockback by 6 studs with a ragdoll, but also always deals 20 damage to the user and consumes 68 SP. Though, it is unable to kill the user.
Godly Strength
70 damage
Absolute Awakening
This move can only be used when your persona isnt out. You do the usual persona summon, but you get Thanatos instead, but with 1.3x more damage for 30 seconds. After those seconds are up, Thanatos disappears and you get stunned for 10 seconds. The period of time Thanatos is out cannot be extended.
Pitiful self-damage
13 damage
Once per life
Only during Absolute Awakening
Cursor on Target
Deathly Wrath
This move can only be used during Absolute Awakening. Thanatos flies over to the person you have your cursor on and starts beating them down, slicing them, and ripping them apart. After that, Thanatos fades away and Absolute Awakening automatically ends, stunning you.
Devastating Strength (Added up)
287 damage
Once per life