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"You're always gonna fail, when you're a piece of shit." - Pucci AU (Enrico Pucci, エンリコ・プッ)


C-Moon: Alternate Universe, usually shortened to CM:AU, is a fanmade alternate universe version of C-Moon.

C-Moon AU is a particularly dangerous Stand to encounter. It has very powerful attacks, and some attacks hit a second time due to its main power, controlling gravity around the user. This power can also be used to provide the user with very high mobility in comparison to other Stands. This Stand can easily take on any ability in the game, provided the user can use it well.

C-Moon AU is obtainable by using a Requiem Arrow on Whitesnake AU.


C-Moon AU is a humanoid Stand. As a result of Pucci AU using the arrow, which broke apart most of the stand's surface, it has Whitesnake's striped lines on its torso, arms, and on the top of crown on its head.

The top of its head is faintly similar to Whitesnake's crown. The back and sides of its head along with a belt incorporating a long, arrow-tipped tail possess a fur-like texture. On a thin waist, it has overt abdominal musculature.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
Master of Gravity
Every melee attack has a 10% chance to do 1.5x delayed damage.
Passive B
Your walkspeed is boosted from 16 to 20.
Passive C
Low Gravity
When using this stand, the user will gain extra jump height due to the Stand's main ability of controlling gravity.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Inversion Combo
C-Moon AU quickly chops the enemy twice dealing moderate damage, then does a punch, which has good knockback and it ragdolls the enemy temporarily,
Good Damage
14 damage

Great Damage (Punch)
30 damage
5 seconds
Gravitational Uppercut
C-Moon AU does a quick uppercut tossing the enemy into the air, ragdolling them for a while.
Superior Strength
38.5 damage
7.5 seconds
Localized Time Acceleration
C-Moon AU manipulates the gravity around its user, allowing them to move faster and jump much higher. Nearby opponents when it activates will be tossed far away from the user.
No Damage
25 seconds
Organ Inversion
C-Moon AU uses its left arm to grab the target, impaling them with a punch that deals moderate damage. Then CM:AU throws the enemy away, only for their organs to invert, ragdolling them.
Moderate Damage
5 damage

Superior Strength (Inversion)
75 damage
20 seconds
Stand Disc Steal
C-Moon AU swipes at a target. If it hits, a disc with black borders, a blue interior, and the word DISC engraved in it in white will appear. This move disables all of the target's stand's abilities, also makes the target unable to roll for approximately 5 seconds. It can also penetrate Gold Experience Requiem's return to zero, King Crimson/Doppio'sfuture sight, and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap's Love Train. Using this move the user will say "Disuku (ディスク)."

Note: This move doesn't work on DIO, Dio Brando, but it will work for Over Heaven Stands, Gold Experience Requiem, and Tusk.

Incredible Damage
45 damage
15 seconds
Gravity Kick
C-Moon AU kicks the opponent in the shin (useful for hitting enemies who are lying flat on the ground), which tosses the enemy into the air and stay there for a second before falling back down.
Good Damage
20 damage
12 seconds
Gravitational Dodge
C-Moon AU's user jumps backward using a gravity pulse. You can do this move without having your stand out.
No Damage
1 second
Gravitational Dash
C-Moon AU shifts gravity to levitate its user forward. Be careful when using this, because you could be hit.
No Damage
2 seconds
The player flies up around 7 studs into the air, and stays there for a limit of 5 seconds, then falls back to the ground. While the user is in the air, if they use a move with their cursor on someone, C-Moon AU will fly over to them, perform the move, then fly back to the user.
No Damage
10 seconds

Evolved Forms

(LMB + WS:AU Husk) - Meikaruza

The player pulls out the husk and holds it up. After a short time, C-Moon AU will transform, granting the player Meikaruza.