A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki
A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

True heaven

this is obtained by using diary on the world overheven and this is the ame accuate form


picture twoh but glowing


[passive a] interdomesional can hit d4c in love train and see king crimson as well as hit him during epitaph and time ereace

[passive b] because you are god since your accension you take 10% less damage

e- same

r- is overite dealing 50 damage and 1 shoting anyne with 20% health or lower

t-dimenson hop you go invisble and cant be hit but cant hit

y-heal same

b+y  same

h- heavenly lightning- same


f- same but has 10%chence of being 15 seaconds insead of 10

b- counter move punches opponet dealing 30 damage and overiting realty so the hit themself instead reflecting attack

j- dont have a name but basicly picture when dio foces pollnaref down the stairs you do that by making anyone who gets within to studs of you 20 studs away lasts for five seaconds