A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki
A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

This Spec is based on Straizio in Battle Tendency after he becomes a Hamon master then becomes Vampire and uses both abilities in combination, you would get this by using the Stone mask on Basic Hamon

passive A- vampire- You take 25% more damage from Hamon users and if you fully charge Hamon you have a debuff that does 2 damage a second 'till your Hamon energy reaches 0

Q- space ripper stingy eyes- Same as Vampiric space ripper stingy eyes

E- barrage - Use a combination of your Vampiric strength to unleash fast 80 punch barrage dealing 4.5 damage when Hamon is uncharged and 5.75 if Hamon is charged

R- zoom punch- Do a zoom punch with Vampiric strength so that it extends 5 studs longer and does 5 more damage

F- Sendo Chop- Do a Sendo chop With vampiric might so that it does 10 more damage

T- Bloodsuck- Same as regular vampire

H- Hamon charge- Same as regular Hamon

G- self destruct- At 20% health or lower if you charge you Hamon to max power and press G you explose dealing 65 damage of AoE 30 studs in all directians but you die after using this move.

V- Dash- Same as regular Vampire

Z- leap- Do a leap almost as strong as a Vampiric leap but can go higher than a Vampiric leap at full Hamon energy.