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This stand is used by Joesph Joestar. It is alot of vines with thorns on them, which are purple (duh). This stand could be gained from an arrow with a 9% chance to obtain it, and if you use a frog while you have Hermit Purple, then you get Hamon Hermit Purple.

E - Vine Swipe: The user would swipe their hand and the vines would extend out slightly. This would cause 20 damage on hit, and will have a 5 second cooldown. 

R (No Hamon) - Vine Thrust: The user will extend their arm quickly and the vine will grow very fast. This would cause 35 damage and would have a cooldown of 7 seconds.

R (Hamon) - Sunlight Vine: It will do the same thing as Vine thrust, except the inital hit causes 15 damage. This version will hold who got hit for 2 seconds, and will transmit hamon through Hermit Purple. The hamon will cause 13.5 damage per second. The hamon transmition lasts for 3 seconds, which means that you could cause an extra 13.5 damage if the person being attack isnt quick enough to get out of the vines in time.

T - Psychic Photographs: This would cause the user to take out a camera that the user will then break. After that, the user will see where everybody is on the map is for 1.5 seconds. In addition you will also see everbody's health for 1.5 seconds. This move has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

Y (No Hamon) - Hermit Protection: This will entangle the user with hermit purple and will lessen damage from attacks by 15%. This would be out for 3 seconds with a cooldown after 10 seconds. 

Y (Hamon) - Hamon Protection: This will entangle the user with Hermit purple that is transmiting hamon through it. This move will lessen damage from attacks by 15%, but in addition it will cause 15 damage per hit when a vampire or a pillermen is attacking while this is out. This will be out for 5 seconds when used, and after the 5 seconds it will have a cooldown of 15 seconds.

F (No Hamon) - Hermit Purple Toss: The user will swipe with a hermit purple, which would grab on if anyone is caught, causing 20 initial damage. If anyone was grabbed, it will then toss them out. After the toss when they land/hit something, they be hit with 39.5 more damage. If they hit another person, then that person would get hit with 10 damage. This has a cooldown of 40 seconds after its used.

F (Hamon) - Hermit Purple Hamon Toss: The user will do the same setup as Hermit purple toss with the same 20 inital damage. When they are grabbed however, they get hit with 3 damage for each seconds they are held, as this version can hold someone for 5 seconds before letting go, as this one you would have to hit F again to throw. The toss does the same damage when they hit something, and the same thing happens to another person if they get hit by the person. This move has a cooldown of 45 seconds as it is more powerful then the regular version.

Z (Hamon Only) - Hamon Infused Leap:The normal stand does not have a stand jump, but the hamon version does. This will be like the Basic Hamon Z move, with no change.

This is the quotes this stand can say, "I guess I just get better with age", "OH MY GOOOODDD", and finally (Dub version) "Probably not"

If you have any suggetions for this stand idea, please let me know, especially for the hamon version.