This spec is based off of Robert E. O. Speedwagon of Phantom Blood. The way you get this stand is finding a bowler hat that would spawn around the map. The bowler hat would spawn every 30 minutes with a 1/4 chance of spawning.

Q - Mode Switch: This would change how the user of this spec would fight, with the two ways having there own moves. The two modes are Cap mode and Sledgehammer mode. When you swap, the cooldowns for attacks in each mode will not reset. The default mode you spawn in on is Cap mode.

E (Cap) - Ricochet: The user tosses there hat. If this hits a person or a wall it will bounce back to the user, which halves the cooldown of this move. If it hits another person on its way back, then the cooldown goes up by 1.5 seconds. This attack causes 25 damage, but on a ricochet hit it will cause 45 damage. The cooldown is 6 seconds, but this move also gives all other cap moves a 6 second cooldown as they require the cap.

E (Sledgehammer) - Wild Swinging: The user will swing the sledgehammer five times infront of themselves. The sledgehammer causes 10.5 damage per hit. The cooldown of this move is 5 seconds.

R (Cap) - Cap Trick: The user extends out their arms and the cap spins and moves all around the body with the arms a total of 3 times. This move causes 25 damage per hit, meaning this move could potentionally do 75 damage with one use if the attacked person is not quick enought to react. The cooldown for this move is 8 seconds.

R (Sledgehammer) - Ribcage Hit: The user swings the sledge hammer infront of them to the right. When this move hits, it causes 39 damage and has a cooldown of 7 seconds

T - Goon Call: The user calls out 2 Ogre Street goons on the person that the user has there cursor on. The Ogre Street goons only have the R move of the user's Sledgehammer move. The goons have the same health as a normal player, and would automatically go away after 20 seconds. This move (after 20 seconds or after the goons die) will have a 35 second cooldown. 

F (Cap) - Straight to the Bone: The user throws the cap forward. If it hits someone, it will cause 55 initial damage, and will cause 10 damage of bleed for each second they keep the cap in them. The way to get the cap off is to block and unblock without their stand (or if they dont have a stand, just blocking or unblocking) 3 times, then it will fall off. This move will also make all cap moves have a cooldown for 4.5 seconds after the cap gets off, but this move will have a cooldown of 80 seconds.

F (Sledgehammer) - Skull Break: The user swings the sledgehammer overhead and to the ground. If this move hits it will cause 71 damage. The swing takes 1.3 seconds, which gives a small time for someone to get out of the way. This move has a cooldown of 65 seconds.

The quotes for this spec are, "Speedwagon withdraws coolly", "The name is Robert E. O. Speedwagon!" and finally "Living in the gutter, you learn to spot lowlifes pretty quick, if you want to see tomorrow"

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