A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki
A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

(this is fanmade, the reason why im putting it here cause a different fanmade stand is still up)





Looks: an purple and soft blue orb

E - Surrounded - The orb spins around the user, causing 30 damage if it hits someone - cooldown 3 sec

R - Guard - The orb grows and makes it so the user is incased for 2 sec - cooldown 8 sec (not including the 2)

T - Boomarang - The orb goes out not too far from user and comes back, causes 45 damage - cooldown 5 sec

F - Bowling Ball - The orb grows rolls infront of the user, anyone hit gets knocked back and 60 damage - cooldown 1 min

H (possible) - Bring it back - the orb grows like in guard but goes out farther (like 3 more users out all directions) and brings them in the middle, 10 damage - cooldown 6 sec