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A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

The Hand [This stand is fanmade]

E - The Hand's Barrage : The Hand barrages quite slow but in turn makes the enemy slower in movements as well

R - Right Hand Erase : The Hand swaps it's right hand,making the object/enemy dissapear,if hit to an enemy user,all of their stats will decrease for a limited amount of time

T - Erasing Space : Swaps space with right hand and teleports The user 25 studs away

Y - Teleporting Pot : The Hand throws 3 flower pots at the enemy user by using space erase,each dealing about 15 damage

B+Y Erasing Barrage

F - Ultimate Space Erase : The Hand erases all the space in a 30 stud radius,instantly killing anything it comes into contact with

V - The Hand Object erase : Erases a Object and brings the closet user

Z - Stand Jump : Average stand jump

Stand user : Nijimura Okuyasu

"Oi Josuke!'