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this is a fan-made stand

it can be get by a 20%chance by an arrow

Its a long ranged stand with good support skills.It have ok dmg and its useful in pvp.Unlike most of the other stand in game.The LMB of it is still a long ranged attack.

Destructive power







「PASSIVE」 -  if any stand get near the Sun,its damage will be nerf by 5%

also doing 10% more dmg to vampire.

LMB - shoot a light ray that deal 15 dmg

E - Ray shooting: shooting multiple light ray(10)Each ray deal 10 dmg and will left some lava on the floor(if u touch it then you be will burn for 2 second that deal you 5 dmg each second)

R - Heat: Slow down the enemies that lasted for 5 second and dealing 10 dmg each second

T - Reaken : make the enemies dmg become weaker (nerf the attack dmg by 10%)

F - EPIC Ray shooting : shooting 20 light ray and if hit, it will slow down the enemies.Each ray deal 10 dmg.

H -The sun get bigger and make your damage have 50% buff

V -make you nearly invisible and increase the walk speed by 5%