A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

Fan made Gold Experience Rework

Health - 248.2

[Passive] - "This is your only path.."

Each damage you take, your life-related liability will increase by 0.8%. It will stop increasing once you've reached 25% health, increasing your life-related ability by 93.075 max.

[E + Hold] - Burst Barrage

GE throws 45 kicks forward at high speed.

  • Each kicks deals 3.5 damage
  • Cooldown 4 seconds

[V + E + Hold] - "A piece of shit like you?"

GE throws 28 punches forward, each punches inflicting a stackable 0.2 to 0.3 second stun which barely lets your target moves and slows down their attacks, basically what happened to Cioccolata in 7 page muda.

  • Each punches deals 2 damage
  • Doesn't bypass blocks but stun still stays
  • Cooldown 6 seconds

[Both V + E and E's Cooldown are linked]

[R] - Strong Punch

A quick strong punch which deals amazing knockback.

  • Deals 34 damage
  • Block breaks
  • Cooldown 8 seconds

[V + R] - Consciousness Override

A strong punch which inflicts a 3 to 5 second stun, also dealing no knockback.

  • Deals 16 seconds
  • Doesn't bypass blocks but stun still stays
  • Cooldown 12 seconds

[Both R and V + R's Cooldown are linked]

[T + Cursor] - "Did you really think you'd me that lucky?"

You hold your hand above before a bullet was shot towards wherever your cursor is hovering over, piercing your hand in the process. If the bullet hits near someone, vines will grow from the bullet and ties up the person that's near it, preventing them from moving nor attacking for 4 to 6 seconds. A direct hit by the bullet will cause a rhinoceros beetle to burrow out of their head, inflicting a DOT which blurs your target's vision and slows their movement for 8 seconds.

  • Direct hit deals 15 damage
  • Beetle deals 30 to 57.8 damage
  • Total damage of the DOT are 20 to 38.6 damage
  • Deals 20 damage to self once hand is pierced
  • Cooldown 30 seconds

[V + T] - Flying Fish Throw

GE turns a nearby brick into a flying fish and throws it forward, the flying fish will glide towards the nearest person to it.

  • Deals 25 to 48.2 damage
  • Block break
  • Cooldown 20 seconds

[Y] - Heal

GE takes a rock from the ground and hold it forward, healing anyone who came in contact with the rock.

  • Regenerates 45 to 86.8 damage
  • Cooldown 20 seconds

[V + Y] - Self Heal

GE takes a rock from the ground and heals you.

  • Regenerates 50 health
  • Cooldown 25 seconds

[F] - Snake

GE takes a brick and turn it into a snake which has 50 health. This snake will bite something 3 times before dying, each bites inflicts a stackable 8 second DOT which will slowly decrease your target's walkspeed and any attack directed towards the snake will be deflected back to the attacker, only some stands can attack the snake.

  • Each bite deals 35 to 67.5 damage
  • Total damage from the DOT deals 10 to 19.3 damage
  • Cooldown 25 seconds

[V + F] - "I told you not to make me say the same thing"

GE puts a rock on your chest and turn it into a frog which will make you stand still for 4 seconds until the frog turns back into a rock. If any attacks you while the frog is on your chest, the damage of the attack will be deflected to your attacker 5x the damage.

  • Cooldown 20 seconds

[Both F and V + F's Cooldown are linked]

[G + Hold] - "People really should stop doing something useless."

GE punches the ground and summons a tree which will increase for as long as you hold G, letting you reach somewhere you can't originally reach. Attempts to attack this tree will be deflected back to the attacker.

  • Cooldown 18 seconds

[V + G] - "I am continuously giving the tree life."

GE holds onto your opponent and rapidly age them, decreasing their damage and defense by 60% for 8 seconds.

  • Cooldown 20 seconds

[H if below 20% health] - 7 Page Muda

GE punches your target in the face followed by a 7 seconds Beatdown which ends with a punch that deals insane damage.

  • Cooldown 50 seconds

[Z + Hold] - Joestar's Secret Technique

You run away to wherever your camera is facing at high speed as long as you hold Z, you won't be able to attack while running though.

  • Cooldown 20 seconds

[B if Requiem was achieved] - Requiem

You stab GE with the Requiem Arrow before GE's armor and body started cracking, revealing GE's Requiem. GER is only activated for 45 seconds and once the duration ends, GER will return to GE.

  • Cooldown 180 seconds

[N] - Quotes

  • idk


  • Gold Experience has a 2% chance of obtaining via arrows
  • Be posting this once my previous GE Rework lost to time

Fan made Gold Experience Requiem Rework

Health - 275.5

[Passive A] - Transformation

GER is only activated for 45 seconds and will return back into GE once the duration ended

[Passive B] - "But my premonition still favors me!"

If you were killed with GER, an effect will appear and you'll spawn where you die, putting up the whole "Jokes on you, I never died" bullshit

[E + Hold] - Barrage

You do a 0.5 start-up animation to float up before GER throws 80 punches forward, each punches inflicting a 3 seconds stun which prevents your target from moving nor attacking. This barrage doesn't effect your walkspeed.

  • Each punches deals 5.5 damage
  • Cooldown 3 seconds

[R] - "You're not going anywhere..."

GER throws a punch directed to the face, stopping your target from moving nor attacking for 5 seconds.

  • Deals 40 damage
  • Bypass blocks
  • Cooldown 5 seconds

[T + Cursor] - "Can you escape destruction?"

You and GER floats up in the air before flicking a pebble towards wherever your cursor is hovering over, releasing an AoE and 3 scorpions on where the pebble lands. A direct hit will just deal moderate damage and hit the ground anyways, summoing the 3 scorpions and releasing the AoE. The scorpions will sting the nearest thing to it to inflict a DOT and dies, attempts to attack these scorpions will deflect the damage to the attacker.

  • The AoE deals 45 damage
  • Total damage of the DOT from the scorpions are 25 damage
  • Cooldown 20 seconds

[Y] - Heal

A stone will hover towards GER's hand and GER will hold the stone forward, healing anyone who came in contact with it.

  • Regenerates 50 health
  • Cooldown 20 seconds

[V + Y] - Self Heal

A stone will hover towards you before GER heals you with that stone.

  • Regenerates 50 health
  • Cooldown 20 seconds

[F] - "W-What am I seeing!?"

GER releases an AoE which stops everyone around you from moving or attacking for 5 seconds.

  • Cooldown 15 seconds

[G] - "I-I hadn't moved from my original spot!"

An AoE will be released that will cancel any attack, stun or events like Epitath or Time Erase. This move can also cancel Time Stop, Gravity Inversion, Time Acceleration, Purple Haze's Virus, Chariot's Soul Manipulations ect. This move can be used at any situation, even when you aren't originally able to attack.

  • Cooldown 2 seconds

[H] - Diavolo Beatdown

GER winds up an attack for 0.7 seconds before punching forward, followed by a beatdown with a finisher which deals a great amount of knockback away.

  • Deals 50 damage in total
  • Cooldown 15 seconds

[Z] - Flight

You float up and has your walkspeed increased to 23, you'll have to descent to continue attacking.

  • Cooldown 20 seconds

[X] - "Wha-?"

You float up, at this state, you are able to walk around freely but couldn't jump nor attack until you press X again. If anyone attacks you, their attack will be nullified and they will be inflicted by a stun which wouldn't let them move nor attack for 5 seconds.

  • Cooldown 2 seconds

[V] - ASB's GER leap

Basically, ASB's GER leap. Has a decent range.

  • Cooldown 4 seconds

[B] - Early Transformation

You take the arrow away from GER's forehead, turning it back into GE early.

  • Cooldown 0 seconds

[N] - Quotes

  • idk

D4C: Love Trains Rework

Health - 224.2

[Passive] - Withered

You take 30% more damage against literally everything.

[E] - Revolver

You take out a revolver and shoot forward 6 times.

  • Each bullet deals 12 damage
  • Cooldown 5 seconds

[R] - Heart Chop

D4C chops forward, 2 seconds after the chop hits, the target will be damaged again and have their screen blurred for 2 seconds.

  • The first chop deals 20 damage
  • The heart deals 55 damage
  • Cooldown 9 seconds

[T] - Quick Transportation

A wave will surround you and lets you transport into another dimension for as long as you want, you aren't able to attack at this state but you're invisible, invincible and has a boosted walkspeed while in this state.

  • Cooldown 15 seconds

[Y] "Stop with the rotation already!"

You swap bodies with the another version of yourself, healing you, but unlike D4C's previous counterpart, it won't give you an extra buff.

  • Regenerates 50 health
  • Cooldown 25 seconds

[F] - Love Trains

You activate Love Trains for 30 seconds, while Love Trains is active, you are able to move at any surface and any attack coming towards you will be deflected to the nearest person to you. Act 4 could bypass this move.

  • Cooldown 2 minutes

[G] - Clone Summon

A wave will rise around you and summon 2 clones which wields a revolver. They will attack the nearest person towards them using the revolver.

  • Each bullet deals 25 damage
  • Cooldown 30 seconds

[Z + Hold] - "He's on the ground!"

Love Trains will be activated before you and D4C will literally be flat on the ground and will go to wherever your screen is facing at high speed for as long as you hold Z. You're invincible while using this move.

  • Cooldown 20 seconds

[V + Cursor] - Sudden appearance

Love Trains surrounds you and reappear you on where your cursor is hovering over.

  • Cooldown 4 seconds


  • idk


  • D4C:LT is obtainable by getting hit by a flawed spin by Ball Breaker while using Love Trains


[Q] - Epitaph

Epitaph manifests on your forehead for 10 seconds. While it's active, you are are able to dodge any attacks directed towards you but you aren't able to attack.

  • Cooldown 15 seconds

[E + Hold] - Barrage

Both of King Crimson's arm manifests and throws 60 punch forward.

  • Each punch deals 4.5 damage
  • Cooldown 5 seconds

[R] - Strong Punch

One of KC's arm manifests and throws a strong punch forward.

  • Deals 30 damage
  • Cooldown 8 seconds

[T + Cursor] - "There you are!"

You kneel down and uses one of KC's arm to throw a scissor towards whoever your cursor is hovering over, cutting off the target's legs for 3 seconds, slowing their movement down. If your animation were interrupted, this move will cancel.

  • Deals 45 damage
  • Cooldown 20 seconds

[Y] - Scalpel Throw

One of KC's arm manifests and throws 4 scalpel forward.

  • Each scalpels deals 12.5 damage
  • Cooldown 10 seconds

[F] -