"Your next line is..." - Joseph Joestar (Josefu Jōsutā,ジョセフ・ジョースター)


Joseph Hamon/JH is currently the strongest Hamon variant in the game, instead of a generic block, it uses the Hamon Hair Attack to deflect projectiles and make a barrier. To obtain this spec, you need to get the Red Stone of Aja and use it on Basic Hamon


[PASSIVE A] - Your next line is....

You have a 4% chance of saying Your next line is... when you're in combat, after the voiceline, the victim gets a Gasp! sound leaving the player stunned for 4 seconds.

[PASSIVE B] - Sun-lit Blood

The user will passively regenerate health, it is quite slow so it is nothing to worry about fighting a JH user.

[PASSIVE C] - Hamon User

All attacks deal 25% more damage to Vampires. However, They deal 25% less damage to Kars,Santana and ULF users.

[PASSIVE D] - Take this!, Hamon!

This passive only activates when a Santana/Pillarman user attacks the user, If a santana attacks the user. A cutscene of the santana absorbing the user will happen, then a hamon attack will follow up after it.

U - Ability Wheel

Pressing U will give you a wheel for a selection of modes.

Hamon Mode 1

Left Click -  Hamon Punch

The user infuses hamon to its left/right arm, dealing pitful damage

Q - Hamon Overdrive

The user infuses Hamon to his/her right arm, then punches the foe, dealing incredible damage.

E - Tommy Gun

The user pulls out a Tommy Gun, firing it rapidly. Each bullet does 3 damage

R - Hamon Stunning

The user infuses Hamon to the foe's head, causing the foe to get paralyzed

T - Hamon infused Bottle Cap

The user pulls out 2 Coca Cola bottles, and infuses both of them with hamon, causing the coke inside and the bottle caps to be a deadly projectile.

F - Deflecting Glass

The user pulls out a drinking glass, and infuses it with hamon, any projectile that hits this will cause it to deflect back to the user


The user runs, giving the user a +6 speed boost.

X - Hamon Hair Attack

The user pulls out strains of hair, causing the projectiles to deflect back to the user (F move lol)

Hamon Mode 2

E - Spaghetti Overdrive

The user takes a fork with black spaghetti in between the gaps, then the user shoots the black noodles into where the cursor is pointing at.

R - Hamonic Pigeon

The user points its cursor to a player, if the user presses R, a hamonic pigeon will appear in the player's mouth

T - Clacker Strikes

The user strikes a player with the Clacker several times, dealing moderate damage each metal gets hit to the player

F - Clacker Boomerang

The user throws a clacker in the opponent, dealing great damage.

H - Hamon infused Yarn

The user, uses a yarn to pierce the arm of an opponent, dealing good damage

J - Rope Magic

The user wraps the opponent with a rope, and infuses it with hamon using the Hamon Overdrive, dealing superior damage to the opponent

B + Y - Antidote

The user drinks Esidisi's anditode ring, healing 45 hp

Z - Icicle rope

The user builds an icicle rope with hamon to where the cursor is pointed at.

Hamon Mode 3

Q - Equip Hammer

The user equips a hammer, then infuses it with hamon

E - Hammer Smash

The user smashes the foe with a Hamon infused hammer

R - Red Stone of Aja

The user pulls out the RSOA, if someone hits the user in this point, a light beam will pierce the person who attacked the user, dealing superior damage

T - Rounding Ball

An iron ball circles around the map, anyone where the user's cursor is pointed at will make the iron ball go towards the person

F - Hamon Oil Trick

The user throws a jar of oil in the ground, if a Wamuu user uses Atmospheric Rift, this will cause the user to suck up the oil, dealing great damage to the Wamuu user (Using F+H will make a Burning Bandana move)

V - Vampire Horse

The user rides on a vampire horse, this has the speed of MiH's Z.

X - Rebuff Overdrive

The user uses his/her elbows to block incoming attacks (besides projectiles), and infusing hamon to the opponent

J - Kick

The user performs a kick, dealing moderate damage

H - Hamon Overdrive Chop

HM1's Q move but its a chop, and deals more damage


The user runs, giving the user a +6 speed boost.

Z + J - Plane

The user rides on a plane, this is as fast as MIH's Z.

H (on plane) - Dummy Deploy

The user deploys a dummy in a parachute, the dummy has the similar model as the user. if someone goes near to it the user with a plane dives to the person who got too near.

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