A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

"I feel like i'm having a breakdown while doing this."- Jello Chariot

Standless overheaven (joke spec) health: 325

Passive A: Overheaven- any attack you do can bypass most counters, including epitaph

Passive B: Thunder property- because of Overheaven, your attacks gain a thunder like power, that does a 3 second overtime time damage that does 1.5 damage every second, and slows you down, this can stack up to 3 times

Passive C: Enhanced being- your stats gain a boost, with strength being A+ strength, S+ speed, and A+ durability

Q- summon: The user releases a burst of energy, knocking back anyone in 10 stud radius, and giving you a white aura, signaling you activated your abilities. CD-4

E- Lightning warp: the user leans back their fist for 1 second, then suddenly warps 8 studs away from where they were, leaving a white electricity trail behind, anyone hit by this, takes 30 damage, and good knockback, and ragdoll. CD-6 (think of STW's F, but less charge, and faster)

R-Shattering slam: The user uses both their arms, and slams down to the ground, creating a reality pulse through the ground, anyone in 8 stud radius, doing 45 damage, and sends people flying upwards, and ragdolls. CD-9

T- Reality overwrite: negation: the user leans back their fist for 3 seconds, during this, the user gains super armor, and cannot be knocked back, nor slowed down, after thats done the user punches, anyone hit by this will take 35 damage have their abilities negated for 5 seconds. CD-25

Y-Reality overwrite: charged heal: The user lifts their right hand, and charges a green orb, then shoving the orb, at themselves, but this is chargeable, with 6 being the max amount of seconds, charging longer than that won't do anything, this move slows down the user, and has different amount heal based on how long the user holds, 1-2, heals 30, 3-4, heals 45, 5-6, heals 60. CD-15

F-Reality overwrite: Mini thunder strikes: The user does a 3 second animation, with them lifts their left hand, and putting it on the ground, and then summons multiple mini thunder strikes near them, lasting for 6 seconds, each strike will always be random, but near the user, with each second summons 4 thunder strikes, if a opponent gets hit by this, they will 15 damage, and a 2 second stun, the user can move during this, and the thunder strikes will follow, this would not hurt the user ether. CD-40

G-Pulsing strike: The user a heavy punch, anyone hit by this takes 30 damage, incredible knockback, and ragdoll. CD-6

H-Aimed bolt: The user a shoots a fast jolt of thunder out of their hand, this can be aimed freely, can go as fair as it wants, anyone hit by this, takes 20 damage, and a short stun for 1 second. CD-4

Z-Run: you run for 3 seconds. CD-12

B-Heavens Spirit (only works when user is at 40% hp or under): the user remembers their inner standless self and unleashes their once fighting spirirt, but more improved, with 2x damage boost, a 25% damage reduction, a S++ speed, and heals 50, this last for only 15 seconds, and after this is over you gain a debuff for 20 seconds, S- speed, deal less damage, and any attacks you get hit by, you take 1-10 extra damage.

X-Bursting shield: The user blocks, and has a 70% damage reduction, but if you stop blocking, you suddenly a surprise burst, that blows back back anyboy in a 5 stud radius. CD-7

V-Reality overwrite: heal: the user creates a green orb with its right hand, anyone who touches this get healed 45.

This moveset is kinda bad NGL