A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki

So all my movesets got deleted with the comments, so now I'll be making them in blog post, and posting it on my message wall.



passive A: slash or pierce- When spawning with SC, you would have to choose between two modes, slash or pierce. Choosing one will be your main way of using SC, and which mode you choose will change most of the moveset, and stand aura, you cannot change modes until you die, to where you will be able to choose again.

passive B: same abilities- some moves will remain the same in the moveset, despite which mode you choose.


Attacks-Slash model

SC gains a blue aura

LMB-slash combo: SC starts with a quick horizontal slash, another LMB does two quick but weak diagonal slashes making a X, and another ends on SC jabbing the opponent with bottom part of its rapier. Start: 8 Middle: 2 x 3 Finisher: 10, this does little knockback, and no ragdoll. CD-3

E-Hora barrage (Slash mode): SC does a 3 second barrage consisting of 40 slashes, with each one doing 4 damage, but goes 1 stud forward, for every 10 slashes, this attack pushes enemies away. CD-5 (80 slashes while with H on)

R-Chariot beheading: SC goes one stud forward, and raise's its rapier, with it quickly striking the rapier, downwards, anyone hit by this recieves 35 damage, ragdoll, and good knockback, CD-6

T-Secret technique: SC shoots its rapier blade, this move is cursor aimed, so the blade with head towards where the cursor is, anyone hit takes 55 damage, and a 15% speed reduction for 4 seconds, but leaves the user vulnerable for 3 seconds, this attack is block-able. CD-13

Y- Wind slash-SC does a 3 stud radius attack, anyone in that distance takes 25 damage, ok knockback, and ragdoll. CD-8

F-"The moment!":The user hover its cursor at opponent, pressing F will cause a animation of the user calling SC back in, but then quickly summoning it back, with it summoning next to the opponent, and with SC doing a strong vertical slash, doing 50 damage. CD-25

H-Armor shed: SC sheds its plates and armor, causing a puff of smoke to appear, and the user launched in the air, allowing a 2x attack speed boost for 15, but in exchange the user takes 50% more damage. CD-45

B-"Cool ice, you bastard...": The user stands still and gains a shadowed face around his eyes for 3 seconds, any attempt to attack the user physically will result with silver chariot quickly being summoned and quickly doing a 20 hit barrage doing 5, and then ending a horizontal slash that does 20 damage and good knockback and ragdoll, if its a projectile then it would quickly deflected back at the attacker, doing twice amount of damage, if the counter fails, then the user gains a penalty a 3 second vulnerability. CD-18

X-Parry barrage: SC blocks the user from harm, if a opponent attempts to barrage the user, SC counter attacks by barraging back, negating the barrage damage, but if the user had H on, this would double back on the opponent and hurt them instead. CD-8 (parry attack only works if barrage is not on CD, otherwise it turns into a a normal block)

Z-stand jump: same as all other normal stand jumps. CD-15

C-roll: still roll. CD-3


I'mma do pierce mode tomorrow, because its 11.00 PM night, morning, or evening depending on your timezone, either way, I'm going to sleep.