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HumanMammalThing HumanMammalThing 12 June 2020

Tournament Rules

I do NOT have a private server yet. Once I get one, I shall host this tournament.

Gold Experience Requiem


Time Acceleration (Obviously no Universe Reset either)

Use of items

Timestop Movement

D4C Dimension Hop

Sticky Fingers Pesci Beatdown

Self-healing moves, only allowed if the opponent has passive regen or can also self-heal.

Time Erase (2 per match)

KCAU Time Erase (1 per match)

Killer Queen's Third Bomb: Bites The Dust (1 per match)

Beatdowns (1 per match)

D4C Clones (1 Explosive, 3 Normal),

Soft & Wet Friction Bubble (1 per match)

Sticky Fingers Zipper Detachment (2 per match)

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HumanMammalThing HumanMammalThing 1 June 2020

Custom Stuff To-Do List

  • 1 Completed
  • 2 Next Up
  • 3 Stands
  • 4 Specs
  • 5 Other

My Immortal (Stand)

Fishing (Other)

Going Under (Stand)

Tidal Wave (Spec)

Dr. Kujo (Other)

Impostor (Spec)

Trader (Spec)

Onimaru (Spec)

Resident Mind

The Butterfields (Postponed)

Black Parade

Watching Me

Mare Maris

Luxury Elite

The Blight (scrapped) Earthsplitter

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HumanMammalThing HumanMammalThing 24 May 2020

My Immortal

My Immortal takes the form of a gleaming, almost white, silver humanoid shaped like an old fashioned diving suit. The screws on it are golden, and it has a white clock on the back of its head. The clock's hands are shaped like Stand Arrows, and are bluish-green in colour (specifically, they're #00FF6C). On the front part of the head, there is not glass but a grid of silver rods, posing the question of how it sees. It also has a golden quiver of some sort on its back, containing harpoons.

Overall it is a stand comparable to Star Platinum: The World in terms of moveset, albeit far more powerful.

My Immortal is obtained by using the Rusty Anchor on No Abilities, which can be obtained by Fishing.

[Passive A] Timing Dissonance - 1st Manifestation


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HumanMammalThing HumanMammalThing 15 May 2020



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