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HumanMammalThing HumanMammalThing 1 November 2020

So this is an idea.

Hello. I have recently gotten into a Roblox game called HOURS, and there currently is not a wiki for it. If anyone on here has played HOURS/wants to help me create the wiki, please let me know. With 1.8k players, there should be a wiki for it by now. Thank you in advance.

I am searching for:

People who have played and are familiar with HOURS.

People who have experience with wiki layout and management.

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HumanMammalThing HumanMammalThing 22 October 2020


  • 1 Appearance
  • 2 Summary
  • 3 Moveset
    • 3.1 Shared Moves
    • 3.2 Rend
    • 3.3 Blaze
    • 3.4 Glacier
    • 3.5 Spark
    • 3.6 Death
    • 3.7 Spirit
    • 3.8 Curse

Onimaru takes the form of a Katana. Its sheath is attached to the user's left hip, and is dark blue with a white ribbon tied around it. The katana itself has a dark blue handle with a gem embedded in the hilt and a silver blade. The gem and the blade will glow a different colour, depending on which mode the user is in. With the blade drawn, anyone within 15 studs of the player will hear a piano quietly playing.

Onimaru is a Katana with the ability to actively change its moveset to adapt to almost any situation. It can do damage over time, freeze enemies in place and, if the time is right, instantly kill.

It is obtained by using the Dragon's Tea…

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HumanMammalThing HumanMammalThing 22 September 2020

The Trader

The Trader is a spec inspired by a skin for the Rogue, a character from the mobile game Soul Knight. This spec has access to a variety of different weapons through its Pocket Dimension.

Trader is one of the few specs to have a physical appearance. With this spec, the user wears a teal cloak that covers most of their body (excluding the front of their torso) that has a thin brown stripe going horizontally across the middle. They also wear a purple shirt beneath the cloak and a hat of the same colour, with another brown stripe (thicker than the previous) around the circumference. The user's head turns completely black, and they have a smiley face with a white mouth, and two small yellow eyes. During most attacks, the right eye turns red.


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HumanMammalThing HumanMammalThing 21 September 2020

The hour has come

The time is now. I will soon begin working on Black Parade, my next stand. This will take quite a while, as its ability is not something that fits in. Still will work on other stuff, but this is on in the background.

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HumanMammalThing HumanMammalThing 20 September 2020


  • 1 Summary
  • 2 Appearance
  • 3 Moveset
  • 4 Trivia

Impostor is a spec obtained by using the Mangled Vent Cover on Standless. This item can be obtained from digging with a Trowel with a 0.5% chance, or from Fishing with a magnet, with a 2% chance.

As a spec, it has no visual appearance besides the player's avatar. However, when standing within 10 studs of another player, there will be a red glint on the player's left eye. This only appears if only 1 person is within the radius.

[Passive A] - Time to start panicking

When the User is below 40% health, the F move kills at 30% health, as opposed to 20%. It also grants access to J.

[Passive B] - Revenge

When the user dies, there is a 20% chance that four Crewmates (image here) will appear, each taking on one of the c…

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