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The Trader is a spec inspired by a skin for the Rogue, a character from the mobile game Soul Knight. This spec has access to a variety of different weapons through its Pocket Dimension.


Trader is one of the few specs to have a physical appearance. With this spec, the user wears a teal cloak that covers most of their body (excluding the front of their torso) that has a thin brown stripe going horizontally across the middle. They also wear a purple shirt beneath the cloak and a hat of the same colour, with another brown stripe (thicker than the previous) around the circumference. The user's head turns completely black, and they have a smiley face with a white mouth, and two small yellow eyes. During most attacks, the right eye turns red.


[Passive A] "That is theft."

Whenever the user takes more than 20 damage from one hit, there is a 10% chance for them to drop a fake item. This is normally an ArrowRokakaka Fruit, or other common item, but has a small chance to be a Monochromatic Sphere or a Holy Corpse. If someone steps on the item to pick it up, they will be frozen in place. The user will then dash towards them and perform a slash, dealing 75% the damage of the last attack that hit the user.

[Passive B] Energy System

The user has a blue bar above Requiem Obtained: True that has the number 200 on it. Most attacks deplete energy, and cannot be used if the user runs out. Energy will regenerate at a rate of 20 per second if it is not used up for 3 seconds.

E + Hold - Rapid Fire

The user creates another hat in the air next to them. They reach into it, and pull out a gun. There will be a glow around the hat, the colour of which will depend on which gun the user pulls. Regardless of the gun pulled, the user will fire up to 20 shots towards their mouse. The gun produced and its glow are listed below.  This move has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

40% chance - White - MP5 - 2 damage, 1 energy per shot

30% chance - Green -  Broom - 3 dmg, 1 nrg per shot

20% chance - Blue -  Next-next-gen SMG - 5 dmg, 2 nrg per shot

15% chance - Purple - Firebolt - 6 dmg, 2 nrg per shot

10% chance - Orange - Snow Fox Vintage - 8 dmg, 3 nrg per shot

5% chance - Red - Bomber - 8 dmg for the first 5, 10 for the ones after, 5 nrg per shot. NOTE: Once Bomber's damage increases, it starts firing missiles that do 3 damage and do not consume extra energy. 3 missiles are fired per shot. 

R - Jack And Mary

The user draws two daggers from within their cloak, with intricately shaped handles, and blades similar in shape to a Gladius. One blade is red (Jack) and the other is silver (Mary). The user holds Jack in front of them, Mary behind, and swings them so that they swap places, before thrusting forward with both of them. The round slash does 15 damage, and so does the thrust. Cooldown of 7 seconds

T - Glass Bottle

The user pulls a glass bottle from their pocket, with traces of either red, blue, or purple left inside the bottle (chosen randomly) before they throw it at their mouse cursor. If it hits, it will deal 15 damage and has a 25% chance to apply a bleed effect, dealing 5 damage per second for the next 5 seconds. Cooldown of 5 seconds.

Y - Vending Machine

The user holds their hat to their right, before a red vending machine is somehow ejected from it. They put their hat back on, before a light on the machine switches on. Pressing Y while a machine is active will cause it to eject a Red, Blue, or Purple potion. Red heals 40 HP, blue restores 80 Energy, and purple heals 20 Hp and 40 Energy. The cooldown for vending a potion is 15 seconds, and the machine disappears after 32 seconds, meaning you can dispense a maximum of 2 potions. Cooldown for creating a Vending Machine is 1 minute.

F - Magic Hat

The user tips their hat, before laying it on the ground in front of them. After 2 seconds, a portal opens up inside the hat. Coming within 5 studs of it will cause you to be transported to the Pocket Dimension. It is an exact replica of the normal map, but various guns, swords, and other weapons are floating around. The sky is purple in here, and the user moves 50% faster. Anyone who does NOT have the Trader Spec will deal 25% less damage. If an enemy comes within 10 studs of one of the weapons, it will attack them and deal 10 damage. Guns will fire, swords will dash towards them, and other weapons will do one of the following: Staves will target their effect towards the target, grenades will fling themselves and explode, shurikens will throw themselves, etc. Opponents will be kicked out after 30 seconds, and the user can only remain in there for a maximum of 45 seconds. Cooldown of 1 minute and 30 seconds.

H - "Shh. The show's about to start."

A beanbag chair appears beneath the user, which they sit on, and stare at a Television that also appears in front of them. If they are hit during this, the user will pick up Jack, which is to their right (Mary is to their left) and stab the attacker for 20 damage and applying a bleed effect. The counter will not end once they have been hit, but rather when either 5 seconds have elapsed since the last hit, or the user presses H again. Cooldown of 30 seconds.

C - Extravagant Spin

The user spins around rapidly and moves forward 10 studs, and is immune to damage at the very start and end of the spin. Same cooldown as the Slide on Magician's Red and King Crimson: Alternate Universe.

V - Iaidō

The user shrinks mostly into their hat and it flies forwards. The users arms poke out of the hat, and are holding Jack and Mary. The hat flies forward 20 studs and anyone who is hit by the blades takes 15 damage. This move has 3 charges, and it takes 5 seconds for a charge to be regained.