A Bizarre Day (Roblox) Wiki


Onimaru takes the form of a Katana. Its sheath is attached to the user's left hip, and is dark blue with a white ribbon tied around it. The katana itself has a dark blue handle with a gem embedded in the hilt and a silver blade. The gem and the blade will glow a different colour, depending on which mode the user is in. With the blade drawn, anyone within 15 studs of the player will hear a piano quietly playing.


Onimaru is a Katana with the ability to actively change its moveset to adapt to almost any situation. It can do damage over time, freeze enemies in place and, if the time is right, instantly kill.

It is obtained by using the Dragon's Tear (sold at Tim's Pawn Shop for £100,000) on Sword or Shiny Sword. The Dragon's Tear also has a 1/5 chance of spawning on the beach or near the Pit in the sewers every hour.


[Passive A] Mode System

In the bottom right hand corner of the user's screen, a word will appear depending on the mode the user is in. The modes (in order) are: Rend, Blaze, Glacier, Spark, Death, Spirit and Curse. Their respective colours are: Blue, Red, Cyan, Yellow, Black, White and Violet.

[Passive B] Mastery

Users of this spec are immune to the Curse debuff.

Shared Moves

E + Hold - Rapid Slashes

The user rapidly swings their blade for up to 5 seconds, dealing 4 damage per slice. Cooldown of 6 seconds.

R - Precision Strike

The user poises for a split second, before jabbing forwards. This deals 30 damage to anyone hit and knocks them back. Cooldown of 7 seconds.

G - Parry

Immediately after blocking an attack, pressing G will cause the user to do a quick slash, dealing 10 damage and great knockback. Cooldown of 5 seconds.

Z - Dash

The user leaps forward, travelling 15 studs forward and 5 studs upwards. Cooldown of 3 seconds.

V - Previous Mode

The word in the bottom right of the screen changes, cycling backwards through the list.

B - Next Mode

The word in the bottom right of the screen changes, cycling forwards through the list.



E and R do 5% more damage.

T - Groundbreaker

The user swings Onimaru into the ground, sending a vertical arc forwards for about 30 studs. Does 20 damage and has a 10 second cooldown.

F - Reap

The user sheathes Onimaru for a split second, before slashing, dealing 45 damage and knocking back anyone hit. Cooldown of 20 seconds.

H - Weak Spot

The next successful hit on an enemy does double damage. Cooldown of 30 seconds.



E and R have a 5% and 15% chance respectively to set the target on fire, dealing 4 damage per second for the next 5 seconds.

T - Heatwave

The user slashes the air, sending a red arc forwards that will deal 15 damage to anyone it hits and sets them on fire. Cooldown of 10 seconds.

F - Hellstone Slash

The user charges forwards a short distance and swings Onimaru upwards, dealing 40 damage to anyone hit and applying the Brimstone debuff. Brimstone deals 6 damage per second for the next 5 seconds and increases all damage taken by 5% while they burn.

H - Ignis

The user plunges the blade into the ground, as a pillar of fire with a radius of 10 studs erupts from the ground wherever their cursor is placed. It deals 25 damage and sets the target on fire.



E and R have a 3% and 10% chance respectively to encase the target in ice for two seconds. Once the ice thaws, they cannot be frozen again for 5 seconds.

T - Icicle Rain

Large spikes of ice will rain down around the user's cursor, each dealing 15 damage and freezing the target. Cooldown of 30 seconds.

F - Sub-Zero

The user will rapidly spin Onimaru around themself and move forwards a short distance. They will move 3 times (able to change direction between moves) and will deal 20 damage every second to anyone within range. Cooldown of 30 seconds.

H - Emergency Coolant

The next time Parry (G) is used, anyone within 20 studs of the user is encased in ice for 4 seconds. Cooldown of 25 seconds.



E and R have a 5% and 10% chance to deal 10% extra damage and paralyse the target for 1 second.

T - Smite

The user jumps up into the air and swings Onimaru around once, before a bolt of lightning shoots from the blade towards their mouse cursor. Upon hitting the target, it deals 15 damage and paralyses them for 2 seconds. Cooldown of 15 seconds.

F - Overcharge

The user jabs their blade forwards, dealing 5 damage. If it hits, the target is held up in the air on the sword, electricity flows through the blade and the target takes 35 damage. The target also gains the Static debuff for the next 10 seconds. Static means that every second, there is a 25% chance that the inflicted's muscles will spasm, causing them to stand still for 0.5 seconds. Cooldown of 25 seconds.

H - Current Flow

Onimaru glows a brighter yellow and has lightning particles around it. The next hit is guaranteed to apply Static for 6 seconds. Cooldown of 30 seconds.



When the target is below 50% health, E and R have a 1% chance to instantly kill.

T - Shade Burst

The user points Onimaru at their mouse cursor (this animation takes 1 second), before a black beam fires from the sword. It deals 5 damage and will kill players below 15% health (10% for bosses). Cooldown of 25 seconds.

F - Execute

For 5 seconds, the radius within which other players can hear the piano grows 3 times larger and 50% louder. Anyone within the radius when the timer expires will hear a loud piano chord and will be put to sleep. The user walks towards the nearest target and summons clones until every other target has a clone. The user and their copies will raise their blade and swing it at the target's head, dealing 20 damage and killing them if they are below 30% health (15% for bosses). Cooldown of 45 seconds.

H - Agony

The user plunges Onimaru into the ground, causing a black and orange explosion with a radius of 25 studs. Anyone hit will take 40 damage and their screen will fade from dark grey to orange every seconds for 10 seconds and they will be unable to barrage. Cooldown of 20 seconds.



Whenever Spirit Mode is active, a transparent white orb will mark the places where every player within the last 3 minutes has died.

T - Anger

When within 10 studs of a spirit, pressing T will cause the spirit's anger to be absorbed into the blade, granting a 10% damage increase while in Rend, Curse and Spirit. Lasts for 30 seconds. Cooldown of 1 minute.

F - Resolve

When within 10 studs of a spirit, pressing F will cause the spirit's resolve to be absorbed into the user, restoring 30% of their missing HP and causing them to regenerate 1% of their HP every second for 30 seconds. Cooldown of 1 minute.

H - Stamina

When within 10 studs of a spirit, pressing H will cause the remaining bit of stamina left in the spirit to be absorbed into the user, granting a 15% speed boost for 30 seconds. Cooldown of 1 minute.


[Sub-Passive 1]

This mode has a special debuff. Whenever a target is hit, they may gain Curse. This appears as a black katana shape at the bottom of the target's screen that turns violet as they gain more. Players may have up to 30 Curse, and it depletes at a rate of 1 every 3 seconds. When they reach 30, they will fall to their knees and perish. Bosses are not affected by Curse. For every 5 Curse they gain, their moves will have a 2% longer cooldown.

[Sub-Passive 2]

E has a 25% chance to add 1 Curse to the target upon hit. R will add 3 on hit.

T - Unholy Blade

The user swings Onimaru forwards, adding 10 Curse upon a successful hit and dealing 20 damage. If the user is at 10-15 Curse, it deals 30 damage instead. Cooldown of 10 seconds.

F - Intensify

Deals damage to every player that you have applied Curse to. If the target has 5-10 Curse, they will gain 5 more and take no damage. 10-15 deals 10 damage and adds 10 Curse. 15-20 adds none and deals 20 damage. 20+ immediately sets their Curse to 30. Cooldown of 30 seconds.

H - Devour

Removes ALL Curse that you have inflicted and heals you 3 HP for every 1 Curse that has been removed.