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My Immortal takes the form of a gleaming, almost white, silver humanoid shaped like an old fashioned diving suit. The screws on it are golden, and it has a white clock on the back of its head. The clock's hands are shaped like Stand Arrows, and are bluish-green in colour (specifically, they're #00FF6C). On the front part of the head, there is not glass but a grid of silver rods, posing the question of how it sees. It also has a golden quiver of some sort on its back, containing harpoons.

Overall it is a stand comparable to Star Platinum: The World in terms of moveset, albeit far more powerful.

My Immortal is obtained by using the Rusty Anchor on No Abilities, which can be obtained by Fishing.


[Passive A] Timing Dissonance - 1st Manifestation

If the user is hit, they have 1 second to move away from the hitbox. If they do, then the damage is avoided, else they will take damage as normal.

[Passive B] Timing Dissonance - 2nd Manifestation

When the user has their stand out, a line can be seen behind every player, showing where they have travelled over the past 3 seconds. If the user attacks anywhere on the line, the target will take damage as per usual.

[Passive C] Just Blending In

The user can attack without their stand out, but their moveset changes and Passive A's effective duration becomes 0.5 seconds, essentially disabling it.


E - Heavy Combo

My Immortal delivers 3 relatively strong punches, each dealing moderate damage, while the final punch is an uppercut that knocks the target back a short distance.

R - Recall Punch

My Immortal throws a punch dealing 15 damage, and if it connects, the user can press R again within 5 seconds to bring the target back to where they were hit.

T - Harpoon Gun

My Immortal removes a harpoon from the quiver and quickly loads it into a gun. The gun is then fired and the harpoon travels quickly and deals 25 damage on hit, with a bleed effect that slightly slows the target down and deals 3 damage every second for 5 seconds. If this is used when time is stopped, then the user will remove every single harpoon from the quiver and place them in the air. My Immortal will then punch them, causing a large wave of harpoons when time resumes and will do the same damage, minus the bleed effect. Normally the cooldown is 5 seconds, but when the wave is used the cooldown is 20 seconds.

Y - Time Bubble

The user and My Immortal will both strike the ground and cause a bubble with a radius of 30 studs to appear. Anyone who is either caught inside of it or walks in will be dealt 10 damage whenever they try to leave the bubble, and after 10 seconds the bubble will disappear and damage anybody in it for 30 HP.

F - Dissonant Interaction With Time

My Immortal poses for a short while before bringing its left hand to the user's left, and the same for the right. Time is then stopped for 9 seconds, but both Passives are disabled, meaning that you can step on a beartrap and still take damage when time resumes, or be damaged by a Star Platinum moving in timestop.

H - "This power means nothing to me."

The hands on My Immortal's clock spin very fast for a moment and glow, before flashing and granting the user the ability to move for the rest of that timestop. It takes 30 seconds to recharge, and the cooldown only goes down when time is stopped. While TS moving, you deal 75% less damage, and instead of decreasing the target's current HP, it decreases their maximum HP.

J - Last Ditch Effort

This move can only be used when the user is at 30 health or lower. My Immortal disappears and two trails of light begin swirling upwards and around the user, who is sat on the floor. After 2 seconds, 5 more light trails will appear and all 7 will merge to become a large ball. Then, that ball will shrink down and become a large, glowing anchor which will then drop to the ground, causing an explosion that covers half of the map. Anybody within 50 studs will be dealt godly damage, whereas anybody further out will have a second chance. Should anybody within the range of the explosion be looking in the direction of the explosion at the time it reaches them, they will take 75 damage and be blinded and stunned temporarily. Once the explosion has faded, My Immortal will appear next to the user as a very faint shape, and will sit down next to the user. They will both be sat there for 10 seconds, during which anybody can finish them off. Should nobody choose to do so, the user will return to 50% HP and My Immortal will become a solid form again.

V - "Hello? I'm over here!"

The user teleports 15 studs forward by distorting time until the timeline where the user is stood there at that moment is merged with their current timeline. Anyone stood nearby will have their screen colour inverted for a moment and their screen will have an effect similar to Santana's H, Heightened Senses.


E - Right Hook

The user swings their right hand towards the left side of their body, dealing 15 damage to anyone hit as well as sending them back very slightly

R - Throttle The user grabs the opponent with both hands, similar to a bloodsuck, and holds the opponent slightly in the air for 5 seconds, during which time they will take damage. However, the opponent can escape by pressing space fast enough. The initial grab deals 10 damage and the suffocation deals 3 per second. If the opponent doesn't escape, they will be stunned for 1 second after they are dropped.

T - Rock Throw The user scoops a rock up off the ground and throws it at their cursor. Upon contact, the rock deals 5 damage and ragdolls the target.

F - Harpoon Slash The user manifests My Immortal slightly, just enough to grab a harpoon from the quiver. They then, instead of throwing it, swing it quickly in front of them. This deals 15 damage and applies a Bleed effect, which deals 3 damage per second for 5 seconds of until the target is healed.

H - "Surprise! I have a stand!" The user grabs the opponent with their left arm, punch them in the face with their right, then manifest only the arms of My Immortal before using them to deliver 4 swift punches, followed by an uppercut that knocks them away. This move can only be used when the user is below 50% health, acting as a sort of miniature beatdown.


  • The effect of attacks during TS movement is inspired by the song by Evanescence that is this stand's namesake. The line is "These wounds won't seen to heal"

[NOTE] This has a 0% chance of coming to the game, unless I or one of my friends become a developer.