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Impostor is a spec obtained by using the Mangled Vent Cover on Standless. This item can be obtained from digging with a Trowel with a 0.5% chance, or from Fishing with a magnet, with a 2% chance.


As a spec, it has no visual appearance besides the player's avatar. However, when standing within 10 studs of another player, there will be a red glint on the player's left eye. This only appears if only 1 person is within the radius.


[Passive A] - Time to start panicking

When the User is below 40% health, the F move kills at 30% health, as opposed to 20%. It also grants access to J.

[Passive B] - Revenge

When the user dies, there is a 20% chance that four Crewmates (image here) will appear, each taking on one of the colours from Among Us. They will point at the killer, and then they will be tossed into space. If they are above 50% health, they take 50 damage and fall back down. If they are below 50%, they do not return and die.

E - Precision Weaponry

A pale green screen appears in front of the user, with a square reticle floating about randomly, and asteroids moving from right to left. The user will fire 10 red projectiles at their mouse cursor, each dealing 10 damage. The projectiles have a slight spread, meaning the full damage potential is lost unless the opponent is point blank. Cooldown of 12 seconds.

R - Crush

The user summons a large red hand that grabs the opponent and squeezes them with immense force, dealing 30 damage. Cooldown of 7 seconds

T - Old Reliable

The user pulls a handgun from behind their back and fires it 3 times. The first bullet will go directly to the cursor with no spread, the second has 3°, and the third has 5°. Each bullet does 20 damage. Cooldown of 10 seconds.

Cursor on target + Y - Tongue Impale

The user's head leans backwards, as though it were falling off, before a red spike emerges from the user's neck and stabs the target through the head, doing 35 damage. Only works if the target is within 20 studs. Cooldown of 15 seconds.

F - Terminate

The user slaps on front of them, dealing 5 damage. If it hits, the user kicks the target into the ground 3 times, before pulling out the gun and shooting them. The kicks each do 15 damage and the gun does 20. If the target is at 20% health or lower at any point during this move, they instantly die. Cooldown of 30 seconds and is active from spawn.

H - Submit Scan

A small white circular podium appears beneath the user, and for the next 5 seconds, a green circle with a grid inside it goes down from above the user's head, as though scanning them. Anyone who hits them during this time will have a small bubble around them, similar in appearance to GER's Return To Zero. The attacker will take 35 damage and take 5 damage per second for the next 5 seconds. Cooldown of 25 seconds.

J + Hold - Vent Hop

The user creates multiple vents, one behind every player within a certain radius. The user then jumps out of them one by one, and stabs the player in the back. The stab deals 40 damage. The radius is 10 studs for a tap, 15 after a second, 20 after 2, and automatically activates at 3, with a range of 25. After, the user appears where they first used the move. Cooldown of 90 seconds, and is active from spawn.

V - Vent System

The user creates a vent below them and jumps into it. From there, they are invisible and invulnerable for 10 seconds. They cannot attack during this time, but pressing V again will create another vent which the user will jump out of. Cooldown of 15 seconds.

Cursor on target + B - Sabotage

The user pulls out a tablet with a red screen and a few circular white buttons on it. A menu appears to the left of the user's screen, with a few buttons. One says E + R, another T + Y, F + H, and G + Z. Clicking one of these disables the target's corresponding moves. For example, using F + H would prevent The World from stopping time. This lasts for 7 seconds, and the target's screen will switch between normal and red ambience every 0.5 seconds. Cooldown of 45 seconds.


  • Should be obvious, but this is a reference to the game Among Us, released in 2018 and has had a huge surge of popularity recently.
  • Y and F are based on Kill Animations. R is too, but it's a fanmade animation. F has added kicks in this spec.
  • V is based on the vents scattered around every map, allowing Impostors to effectively teleport.
  • H and E and based on Crewmate tasks, one being Weapons: Clear Asteroids and the other being Medbay: Submit Scan.
  • J is a tactic in Among Us where you jump out of a vent, kill someone, and jump back in.
  • To activate a voiceline press N. Impostor's voicelines are "Sorry, nothing personal." which plays the sound for when you get killed, "[random player's name] vented." playing the Emergency Meeting sound, and "Ooh, Impostor!" and plays the sound of a game starting.