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This Ability, Item or Feature is Fanmade.
There's no way to view this in-game as it is Fanmade, and it will never be (or might be) added into the game itself.

"Follow me..- Purple Guy (Murasaki no otoko, 紫の男)


Purple Guy (PG) Is a spec that can be obtained by using DIO's Diary on No Abilities.


This spec has no special appearance but your character with a purple night guard outfit holding a knife.



PASSIVE A The man behind the slaughter The more people you killed, the stronger you are.
PASSIVE B Follow me You can only attack somebody when nobody is near you except for the person you targeted on.


Q- Target: You target somebody by hitting Q with your cursor on him/her, this move allows you to see them through walls and obstacles, You can only kill the person you targeted on too.

E- Stab: You stab the target in their body, dealing great damage and also causing them to bleed. (30 damage, 3 bleeding damage every second, the bleeding only last for 5 seconds)

T- Knife Throw: You throw your knife (Auto-aim if you already targeted that person) at a person head, when hits the person ragdolls and bleed. (45 damage, 3 bleeding damage every second, the bleeding last for 7 seconds)

F- Come here fishy fishy: You look at the person your cursor is on, while holding a cake. This makes that person get lured by you, slowly come closer to you.

H- Oh no! The police! By using this move you will start jumping around in a circle for 2 seconds, however when the jumping is done you gain 30% more speed boost.

V- Kick: You kick, that's it. If hits, they fall down. (15 damage)

B- Trap: You throw a cake down, whoever goes nears it get lured to the cake.


  • The Purple Guy voicelines are: "Hmhmhmmmm!", "Come here little guy!", "Do you want a cake?"