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This Ability, Item or Feature is Fanmade.
There's no way to view this in-game as it is Fanmade, and it will never be (or might be) added into the game itself.

"It doesn't matter what form I take, as long as I can go back to you... Mother... Kuhuhu- A-d-d (Tsuika, 追加)


A-d-d, also known as Add, Add is the demon of paradox, stuck in endless contradictions of Time and Space. He can destroy time and space with his paranormal powers that far exceeds the power of technology and science. You cannot obtain him, he is my spec.


Add is not a physical being. Instead, he is an enigma in time and space with a fluctuating appearance. His appearance shows parts of his body breaking away. This is reflected in the back-story that his body is reaching the limit of time travel



PASSIVE Mad Paradox This Spec allows you to walk in timestop.


Q- Stardust Shower: Many gravitational spheres will fall around you, dealing damage to enemies in the way. (10 damage per hit)

E- Crystal Barrage: The obsession towards the past shatters from anger and desperation, dealing massive damage to the enemy. (7 damage per hit)

R- Paradox Hit: You punch the enemy with so much force that they have been frozen for 2 seconds. (0 Damage)

T- Trick Room: You hit the enemy, bringing them to the trick room with you. (Cast debuffs that allows the caster to deal more damage on the enemy hit while increasing cooldown recovery)

F- Moonlight Rhapsody: Release psionic energy to destroy the target's mind, Making them completely blind for 5 seconds. (Also buff your attacks and speed)

H- Void Impact: Emit an amplified energy in a ball shape, then shoot at where the cursor is. (40 damage)

V- Moonlight Breaker: You fire a projectile that twists and destroy space. (35 damage, also makes the opponent freezes for 5 seconds)