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"T-The Req-Bot, stole Dio's ability!" - Giorno Giovanna looking at his father's dead body, Dio Brando (Za Waarudo Rekuiemu, ざ わあるど れくいえむ)


The World Requiem is the form that the Req-Bot assumes after absorbing Dio Brando's vital health.

It's obtained by using World's Watch on Req-Bot.


The World Requiem looks like a green version of The World, it's head is replaced by a black oval with only one visible eye, two big horns that spin on a 20° degree position. Apart from that, the only other change is that the fingers are enhanced with claws, this is used to stab enemies and does great damage.


Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Quick Muda Combo
A three hit jab, does some nice acrobatics.
Pitiful Damage
5 DMG on the first two, 10 DMG on the third.
1 Second
Quick Muda Barrage
The World Requiem does a quick dash and then throws an extremely fast but short barrage about 40 punches in 2 seconds.
Devastating Strength
6 damage per punch
2 Seconds
Quick Muda Grab
The World Requiem grabs it's enemy and then punches him/her right in the face and sends them flying away, playing the Kakyoin death sound effect.
Superior Damage
55 Damage
8 Seconds
Quick Muda Stab
The World Requiem throws a quick punch and then stabs it's enemy using the claws.
Moderate Damage
15 Damage
3 Seconds
The World Requiem's True Ability
The World Requiem stops time and then grabs the closest enemy and quickly rushes them with a 20 hit flurry.
Incredible Damage
80 Damage
90 Seconds
Time Stop
The World Requiem stops time for 7.5 seconds. You can resume time by pressing F again.

Note: Made in Heaven can reduce your time. Gold Experience Requiem can cancel your time stop. Tusk ACT4 can move through stopped time upon using its Self-Nullification Blow and Star Platinum can override your time stop and make it its own.

No Damage
45 seconds
Ultimate Requiem
As all of the Requiems formed by the Req-Bot, they share the Ultimate Requiem ability.

The World Requiem throws a requiem arrow linked with a chain, if it hits then it will deal a massive damage and stun the affected.

Incredible Damage
70 Damage
45 seconds
Claw Throw
The World Requiem breaks one of it's claws and then throws it at the enemy.
Moderate Damage
15 Damage
5 seconds