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"On days like these, kids like you...should be burning in hell." - Sans (Sans, ??? )


Sans is a Spec based on the Undertale character named also Sans.

Sans is the weakest ability (in terms of damage) in A Bizarre Day, with only 1 HP and E- Durability, but it is one of the fastest and strongest ones.

Sans is a long-ranged Spec, most abilities have a range that covers a large amount of the map.

Obtained by picking up the Disc with Santana while it is in Hunting Mode.


Sans presents itself as a blue hoddie with a white shirt under it, a pair of black pants with two white lines on them and two pink slippers. The user also is granted with a Flaming Blue Eye, which is an aspect of the Fanon Sans.


Type of Ability Name Description
Passive A
The user's walk speed is boosted from 16 to 19.
Passive B
At the bottom left of the screen, a bar can be seen with the stamina that the user has left, spamming or using certain attacks will waste stamina, pressing C will also waste stamina. Getting out of stamina results on the user getting asleep and mostly always get killed by another player or NPC.
Passive C
"The weakest monster on the underground."
Instead of taking damage as all the other abilities do, the user needs to press the C button to dodge incoming attacks, not pressing it will result with the user dying.

Key Name Description Damage Cooldown
Bone Slam
The user summons a giant bone (as big as the average player height on roblox), holds it with his/her right hand and quickly slams the ground with it.
Pitiful Damage
2 Hits = 2 DMG
2 Seconds
Cursor on Target
Blue Soul
The user puts the right hand on the air, the person targetted will be affected by the user's own gravity.

The user is able to swing the targetted by moving the cursor. The user can also slam the targetted to the ground, roof or walls.

No Damage
30 Seconds
Gaster Blaster
The user summons a Gaster Blaster and quickly fires with it.
Moderate Damage
20 Hits = 20 DMG
5 Seconds
"Bad Time"
The user grabs his/her enemy by the neck and slams them 3 times into the ground, then fires a Gaster Blaster on the affected's face.
Moderate Damage
1 Hit (Grab, 1 DMG) + 3 Hits (Slam, 5 DMG each) + 5 Hits (Gaster Blaster, 1 DMG each)
15 Seconds
Bone Throw
The user summons a normal sized bone and redirects it to the cursor position.
Pitiful Damage
1 Damage
0.5 Seconds
Hard Strike
The user takes his/her enemy by the neck and throws him/her to the air, then punches them on the stomach and sends them flying.
Moderate Damage
15 Damage
10 Seconds
"You're not gonna like what's going next..."
The user dashs into the closest person, if the user and the closest person make a contact, for both the user's and the affected's screen will turn black, after a delay the screen will transform into Undertale's Battle Screen. The Sans user will throw multiple bones, blue bones, Gaster Blaster and platforms, the affected presents itself as a heart who takes damage everytime an attack contacts with it. After 5 seconds, the attack will end and the affected will instantly die.
Massive Damage
500-700 DMG
50 Seconds
Bone Summon
The user grows an entire army of bones from the ground, the mere contact with them will result into taking 1 DMG, the longer the person is touching the bones, the more hits the person takes, the more damage the person will recive.
Moderate Damage
1 DMG per 0.3 seconds in contact.
5 Seconds
The user, without moving his/her legs, slides away to the left, after 1 second, the user comes back to his/her original position.
No Damage
1 Second
Blaster Glide
The user summons a Gaster Blaster and uses it to fly away, after 5 seconds, the Gaster Blaster dissapears.
No Damage
7.5 Seconds


  • The fact that Sans is obtained by using the Disc means that the abilities stored in that Whitesnake disk are Sans'
  • Sans has E in Destructive Power but is still one of the strongest specs, this is because Sans only deals 1 HP per attack but deals multiple hits and also leaves a poison damage.